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Headway Workforce Solutions

Headway improves candidate experience and doubles application rate using LiveChat

Headway Workforce Solutions


Increasing the number of completed applications.


Providing advice for the applicants via LiveChat.


Improved customer experience and doubled application rate.

When applying for a job, candidates need to successfully fill an application out. Quite often, they give up along the way as going through the whole process is complicated and takes a lot of time. What’s more, there’s often no help in place to immediately explain the doubts candidates might have.

Headway, a staffing recruiting company that operates nationwide in the US, discovered this kind of issue in their application system. See how they used LiveChat to improve candidates’ experience and increase the number of filled out applications.

“We were looking for a chat system for our company because we wanted to improve the experience that candidates had visiting our career sites. It puts them at ease when there is a live human being on the other end of the computer who can readily answer their myriad of questions.”
— Ellen Garcia, Web & UX Design Lead at Headway

Helping candidates complete the application process

Headway provides a solution that accelerates recruitment and hiring performance. They offer an array of technology driven workforce services ranging from onboarding to fully outsourced recruitment and HR solutions. Their vision, as stated on their website, is to “set the standard for the Human Capital profession by sourcing, recruiting and placing great people with great companies.”

After Headway switched over to a new applicant tracking system, they found out that candidates often have issues with completing the application process. They decided to implement LiveChat and guide applicants in real time through the recruitment process. Thanks to LiveChat’s goals system, they can measure how many chats end with a desired effect, which is a filled application. “We set up a goal for completed applications. We wanted the candidates we talked to, to complete an application, thus making that the most important thing,” Ellen Garcia stated.

Headway uses LiveChat for multiple pages that they have branded through their talent management software called Taleo ATS. These are specific career sites where candidates can get familiar with a job description and apply for one. They decided to use LiveChat because of “it’s reputation for easy usability,” said Ellen Garcia, Headway’s Web & UX Design Lead.

Headway Customer Story

Their support team consists of 5 people. Recently they purchased an additional seat and divided agents into team responsible for specific websites: “We wanted our recruiters from different teams managing the incoming chats from specific websites.”

Headway uses many LiveChat features that make application process easier for both, recruiters and candidates. Pre-chat surveys help recruiters gather information about candidates and also connects candidates with the correct person right off the bat. Post-chat survey gives recruiters insight into their support service quality. And Livechat’s ticketing system allows them to they get messages from candidates after hours.

Headway’s favorite feature seems to be the multi-brand customization. As Ellen said: “I love the ability to customize for each site.” It makes a chat look totally different on each of their multiple websites.

Increased number of completed applications

The implementation of LiveChat helped Headway improve their candidates’ experience on the website. According to Ellen: “LiveChat helps me and my team create better user and candidate experience. I’m very happy with this product.”

More importantly, LiveChat also helped the company double their application rate on their application pages. “LiveChat helps humanize the dreaded application process thus improving our conversion rates,” said Ellen.

Thanks to LiveChat, candidates get answers to their questions in real-time. They are also guided step by step to the end of the application process. It made the whole experience much more clear and accessible. “Candidates love our chat! They are more successful in our lengthy application process that our clients require,” said Ellen.

Headway will continue to use LiveChat and learn more about how it can help them reach more applicants. They want to keep exploring other LiveChat features and eventually use them to create even better experience on their website.

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