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Flexible support produces good customer service results for Kajabi


Being flexible is an important quality for every company. Handling your business from any place in the world is important since more and more companies decide to outsource parts, or even whole departments.

Kajabi, a service offering tools for easy private membership websites creation, is one of the companies that put flexibility very high up on their priority list.

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We’ve met with Kajabi’s founders, Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter, and the rest of the Kajabi team in Old Town Tustin in Southern California to talk about their use of LiveChat and how it affects their business. Read on to see how they translated the idea of flexibility into their live chat.

Instant support important for online customers

Kajabi was founded in 2009. When working on another project, Travis and Kenny found out that marketing and spreading the word about your product can be quite tricky and hard at times. While they’ve prepared their marketing tools, they’ve spotted a potential business opportunity – anyone who encountered the same problem would like to use a service that would simplify all the marketing efforts.
They’ve successfully launched Kajabi in 2010 and, since then, grown the project considerably.

As an Internet-based company owners, Travis and Kenny knew they needed an easy way to communicate with all the online visitors and clients. When looking for the best way to do that, they learned about live chat. After a bit of research, they were deciding between LiveChat and SnapEngage.

There were a few deciding factors that were very important for a company like Kajabi:

  • dedicated operator application instead of a Skype-based integration
  • management options, allowing for keeping close tabs on agents and metrics
  • helpful integrations with 3rd party solutions like Zendesk and Google Analytics

Since LiveChat provided all those features, and much more on top of that, the choice was clear. Kajabi rolled out with an initial integration of 1 agent, which was increased to 10 mere two weeks after Travis and Kenny spotted how well their live chat was doing.

Live chat taking over

Currently, Kajabi’s live chat is still going strong. It receives as much as 400 chats every week, and that number continues to grow. Kenny reports that there are less and less invitations sent each week, which means that Kajabi’s visitors and customers seek contact through live chat themselves. This shows how much closer a good live chat implementation can put you to your clients.

Kajabi and LiveChat meeting

What is the secret of Kajabi’s live chat you might ask. Apart from the aforementioned features, management flexibility seems to be a really strong suit for Kajabi. With a support team located in Philippines, Travis and Kenny put a lot of value on the ability to manage the team remotely.

Kenny told us about one case in which he was able to save a whole conversation after an agent made a mistake:

“I was supervising our agent, who was giving wrong answers, so I was able to take over the chat. Later, I let the customer know I was the owner and I totally changed the direction the chat was going into. It took me like 20 minutes, but the result was awesome and the customer was amazed.”

Something as simple as suggesting the correct answer to an operator or taking over a chat can make a difference between a gained clients and a lost lead.

Another interesting case displaying the flexibility of management was brought up by Travis. He told us that he liked to test the operators with hard questions.

“I used to go on our website to troll the operators, asking them hard questions about the service. Later, they figured out who I was thanks to the geolocation option.”

Something that started as a clever way of using the “mystery shopper” idea ended up being foiled by another feature that is very important, when creating closer relations with clients. The geolocation feature allows operators to see from which location the visitor is chatting.

Don’t forget about personal touch

Being flexible, both in management and the way agents handle chats is a must for growing international companies. LiveChat provides that kind of flexibility on multiple levels. For example, Kajabi’s decision to switch from Zendesk to was very smooth thanks to the availability of both of these integrations in LiveChat. Simple flick of a button allowed Kajabi to handle tickets from a completely different support desk.

Folks from Kajabi seem to have a really good idea on how to acquire new clients and cultivate old ties. At the end of the day, it all comes down to human interaction, and the more feature supporting that, the better.

“We want to provide humor and be helpful, we definitely want to slide in a joke in our customer service. We are humans, not robots. We mix business with fun.”

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