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Orange turns customer questions into sales with LiveChat


When deciding on a product, getting that extra bit of information often seals the deal. You can easily lose out on potential sales if you don’t have means to provide this crucial information at the right moment.

See how the Polish branch of Orange, a major telecom company, manages to provide the extra bits of data to clients via LiveChat, turning undecided visitors into customers.

“We note 2-digit conversion rates around 10-11 percent since the beginning of the project.”
— Sylwia Matusiak, Team Manager at CCIG
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Selling telecom services via web

Orange offers LiveChat on its Polish website for business and individual customers by outsourcing the sales process to Call Center Inter Galactica, a professional call center and a certified LiveChat expert. According to Sylwia Matusiak, Team Manager at CCIG, their agents “try to find the best possible offers tailored to customers’ needs.”

Agents help existing customers renew or expand their plans (retention makes about 85-90 percent of all cases), as well as work to acquire new customers (10-15 percent of the cases). The chat on Orange’s website seems very popular as nearly 800 chats are handled every day.

Orange offers live chat on its website since 2010. From the very beginning, the whole implementation was sales-oriented. “We implemented LiveChat to boost the number of sales on our e-commerce platform,” said Sylwia. “We managed to get great results very quickly after the project’s start,” she added. The e-commerce platform alone contributed to as much as 10-12 percent of sales of Orange in Poland.

Discovering customers’ needs

To ensure that customers are offered help when it is needed, Orange employed an interesting way of discovering potential pain points. “To increase sales, we decided to look at our website from the customers’ perspective,” said Sylwia. After all, “if a customer doesn’t have all the necessary information, he or she won’t make a purchase.”

CCIG agents at work

Having gathered this valuable data, Orange was able to place contextual greetings on sites that generated the most questions. Since this is chiefly a sales-oriented implementation, correctly set up greetings are key to attaining good sales results at the end of each month.

“Whenever a customer can’t find our terms or gets stuck while completing the order, a chat window pops up and one of our agents is able to provide all the necessary information and see the order to its completion,” Sylwia explained.

Ensuring high-quality customer service

To get even better sales results, Orange wanted to provide the highest quality customer service for its site visitors. To deliver the right level of support, Orange’s managers monitor the archived chats of each agent. Up to 12 randomly chosen chats per agent are monitored monthly this way. Managers use a special checklist called the “monitoring card” to check if the right service quality standards were upheld.

Another portion of feedback for managers is provided by the customized post-chat surveys. “Our clients can rate their conversations using a five-point scale,” Sylwia noted. “All this information is extremely useful and helps us identify areas that need a bit of work to produce better results,” she added.

Good customer service pays off

Even though Orange’s offer changes every couple of months, their live chat keeps bringing in considerable profits. When approached through LiveChat, Orange’s customers are often amazed at how easy it is to get the information they need or to renew their plan. This obviously translates into a great sales results.

Being very sales-oriented, Orange keeps a close look on those results at the end of each month. They’ve calculated how much the chat has to earn each month to pay for itself. According to Sylwia, over the past four years, there have been only a few months where the goals were not reached. Obviously, a healthy adjustment for profits is included in those goals.

With the help of LiveChat, Orange provides additional 10-12 percent sales via their e-commerce platform and they show no signs of stopping.

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