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The Pilot Group

The Pilot Group tailors service to customers’ needs thanks to LiveChat

The Pilot Group


Improving communication and delivering exceptional customer experience.


Implementation of LiveChat and monitoring customer satisfaction.


99,4% high customer happiness rate.

Support service companies may operate in various business fields, but they share one goal: helping their customers to run online businesses more efficiently. It means that the most important elements of this business are successful communication and seamless customer experience.

As a company providing complex e-commerce services, The Pilot Group understood how important it was to be able to address customers’ problems swiftly. Implementation of LiveChat seemed to be a natural move for a company aiming to provide quick solutions.

“We wanted to improve customer satisfaction level and increase the problem-solving speed and accuracy.”
— Jane Dmitrieva, Sales Manager

Customer satisfaction comes first

The Pilot Group was founded as a web design and software development company. Over the years its focus shifted to making solutions for different business fields: real estate, education, entertainment, internet dating and others. Although the range of their services widened, one thing remained unchanged: willingness to provide extraordinary customer service.

Live chat for support services

They understood that speed and accuracy is vital when solving their customers’ problems. “Customer satisfaction comes first”, said Jane. “When you run an online business, it is important to have your questions answered very fast because customers don’t want to wait.”

Although there were a couple of live chat software options on the market, the company decided to choose LiveChat. “We have tried a few solutions”, explained Jane. “LiveChat proved to be the best one in terms of quality to price ratio.”

Fast and customer-friendly service

The Pilot Group currently has 6 live chat agents available 19 hours a day. They mention automatic greetings and chat supervision among their favorite and most efficient features.

According to company’s support team, automatic greetings are very useful for predictive engagement. They help target visitors who need assistance but did not start a chat with the support team yet. The invitation can be triggered after a set amount of time to offer help. It’s a great opportunity for customers to discuss their problems and get information about a product.

Once customer is engaged in a chat, chat supervision comes in handy. It works like an “online whispering” between chat operators and allows to easily help team members when they are talking to the customers in real time. “It is extremely useful in case a new operator is in chat and they don’t know all the communication subtleties and the company services yet”, added Jane.

Live chat for support services

Sometimes customers are asking more complicated questions which cannot be solved during one session. In such cases Zendesk integration helps to convert chat transcripts into tickets. “No need to fill in the customer info and other details manually”, explained Jane.

To make sure that customer is satisfied after a finished chat, they use the post-chat survey. It helps to find out if the visitors were satisfied with the service and if they received answers to all their questions.

After finishing a chat, customer service team can check the chat history and the statistics. “The chat history contains all the information about the chats with our customers and it also helps when there is a controversial issue”, stated Jane. “You can always check with a customer what was actually discussed in the chat and what wasn’t.”

Key to customer satisfaction

Thanks to LiveChat, The Pilot Group improved communication with their customers and was able to better understand the customers.

The company’s agents were able to garner a lot of information from chats, even from the way customers were writing or from the vocabulary they used. Since they learned more about their customers, they were able to provide more personalized service. Conversations have been flowing naturally and customers’ problems are being solved faster. “We can mostly answer all the questions in a single session”, said Jane. “Hence we can talk about faster purchases.”

The company did not have to wait long for the results of improved customer service. “After a series of procedure improvements we’ve reached average satisfaction level of 99,4%, said Jane. “And we keep on improving, it is an ongoing process.”

High customer satisfaction and being able to help their customers quickly are reasons why The Pilot Group recommends live chat also to their customers. “Many customers request installation of a live chat”, said Jane. “It’s a nice way to offer quick support and level up the customer service standard.”

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