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ThinkForex creates stellar customer service in the Forex industry with LiveChat


In the busy world of Forex trading, there is no down-time. Traders exchange currencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To stay competitive, Forex trading platforms need to answer the growing demand for around the clock customer service.

ThinkForex, a Forex and CFD trading provider, meets this demand by offering 24-hour support through LiveChat.

“LiveChat is cheaper than some competitors without sacrificing quality and functionality.”
— Christopher Reynolds, Director at ThinkForex
ThinkForex agent working with LiveChat

Servicing a global pool of customers

Founded in 2010, ThinkForex puts a lot of focus on online customer service. “Whilst offering our core products, we strive to offer market leading customer service,” said Christopher Reynolds, Director at ThinkForex. “We are constantly looking to improve, and ultimately achieve the best possible levels of customer satisfaction, not only with our products but the level of support received.”

With customers in over 100 countries, the company provides online trading services on a global scale. According to Reynolds, they are contacted by clients “from a number of different backgrounds who speak a variety of languages.” To make the communication easier, ThinkForex’s live chat is offered in a number of languages, including English, Japanese and Chinese.

The company’s multi-lingual support is manned by 15 agents working from a Melbourne-based office.

Working towards customer satisfaction

Around the clock support is not the only aspect of ThinkForex’s customer service. To rise the support quality even higher, the company uses LiveChat to speed up their response time. “Emails obviously don’t always get an instant response, and using live chat our customer service and sales team members are able to assist a number of clients at once,” Reynolds noted.

To give their agents more information about every customer, ThinkForex integrated their live chat with Salesforce. The integration displays crucial customer information from the CRM, along with past contact history, in the chat window. This way, as Reynolds put it, “no matter who the agent is helping, they get all the information to hand.”

Some of LiveChat’s features are also used to help new agents. Reynolds mentions that supervising chats and being able to whisper to agents is especially useful for training purposes.

Impressive customer satisfaction results

Great accessibility and speedy response times are key to achieving good customer service scores. Using LiveChat, ThinkForex managed to create a very efficient and effective customer service model other companies in the industry can look up to. “For us, the key is the ability to measure client satisfaction on the chats, and we’ve seen that rise ever since implementation to over 95% last month,” Reynolds said.

Although it may be hard to directly translate customer service efforts into sales in this ever-changing industry, Reynolds stated that “it is more about the service level we can achieve, which of course directly leads to increased client numbers and profits.”

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