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Live chat outsourcing and consulting from the #1 rated LiveChat Expert. We’re data-driven digital marketers with the passion, people and processes to make a tangible change to your business.

We deliver a 99% customer satisfaction, first time responses in 29 seconds and 50% more leads from existing website traffic.

If you want your website to deliver more sales, you need to chat to us. We analyse visitor behaviour to create timely interactions that, combined with the right conversation, bridge the gap between interested, ideal customer and a lead for the sales team.

Want to make your customers smile? We’re here to provide you with a team of experts in chat and email support so you have one less thing to worry about. Customer service can be a brand builder. We’re here to help you build it.

We're the live chat experts. From consulting to UK and US based live chat outsourcing. Our services allow you to partner with the best people in the market.


Rob Buckland 1 days ago
We have been working with The Chat Shop for over a year now. Prior to them coming on board we were managing this in house and not too effectively. They took the time to understand our business and design a conversation structure and lead format that works for us and our customers. We review the process on a regular basis, and they're always happy to make adjustments and make any recommendations. Highly recommended!
Daniel Kamen 1 days ago
Our organization sells high-end Italian design lighting. Not only did TCS take the time to understand the nuances of our products (a complex task), but to be on brand was a concern when we were considering using a partner. A big component of their success was the extremely high level of customer service from their team, meetings with us, analytics, feedback, etc. I am happy to say not only was The Chat Shop able to do all this, they also hit the ROI goal we had in place for them sealing the deal that they will be a continued and long-standing partners of ours.
Sarah Taylor 2 days ago
We have worked with The Chat Shop for over a year now (lead gen) and have been really impressed with the service provided. The team are attentive and professional and always go the extra mile. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a fully managed chat solution,
Andrew 2 days ago
The Chat Shop has played an integral role in our business growth for a number of years. Agents are clearly passionate, our Account Manager embraces our business processes and concept and the whole service clearly makes an impact positively on our revenue. Highly recommended
Phil Swanson 2 days ago
The Chat Shop have been a pleasure to work with, and most importantly we've had significant ROI from using their service. I was initially concerned that their agents would be able to articulate what we do. But they can and they do. Overall we've had more leads generated from our marketing.
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