Achieved goals report

Jacob Firuta
1 min read
updated: Jul 1, 2019

The ‘achieved goals’ report show you how many chats ended with a purchase, signup, or any other goal you pre-set. The report is a direct representation of the effectiveness of your chat.

LiveChat achieved goals report

You can filter the report to show the results for a particular agent or goal.

The report can be saved to a .CSV file by clicking on the Export CSV button. If you are on the Business or Enterprise user, you can use the export feature to pull goal-related data such as:

  • goal name and id,
  • chat id and start day,
  • goal achievement date,
  • operator who got the goal,
  • group in which the goal was achieved,
  • website where the goal was achieved,
  • any custom variables related to the goal.

To learn more about goals and their set-up, check out this handy tutorial. There are some amazing thins you can achieve using goals, e.g. see your whole conversion funnel from greetings, through chats to goals.

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