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Product Cards for BigCommerce

Alicja Pawliczak
2 min read
updated: Jun 19, 2019
This app is installed by default when you add LiveChat to your BigCommerce store.
This app is installed by default when you add LiveChat to your BigCommerce store.

Product Cards for BigCommerce app lets you send product recommendations without leaving LiveChat. Allowing you to save time on skipping between chats and product pages in your store. You can search through products, choose one or more items and send them to the customers right on chat.

Each product card consists of an image, description and a button that is linked to a product page in your BigCommerce store.

Send product cards

To open Product Cards for BigCommerce in LiveChat you need to have at least one ongoing chat.

Here’s how to send product cards on chat:

  1. Open the app by clicking on the BigCommerce icon. You can find it in the Chats section, at the top of the details bar on the right. Can’t see the app? Go to troubleshooting.

Product Cards for BigCommerce in LiveChat

  1. Choose a store you want to selects products from (if you have only one store connected to LiveChat, you won’t see this field).

Choose a BigCommerce store

  1. Type the product name in the search bar to narrow down results.

Enter name of a product in search

  1. You can also choose a category.

Choose a product category

  1. Click on the products you want to send (you can select up to 10 at once). If you want to unselect a product click on it again.

Select items you want to send as product cards

  1. Click on Send.

Send a product card

And that’s it. Product cards you’ve sent are displayed both on the customer side and in the Chats section in the Agent App.

Here’s how sent product cards look for Agents:

Product card view in LiveChat

Here’s how sent product cards look for customers:


You’ve connected LiveChat to your BigCommerce store, but can’t see the Product Cards app? Here’s what might be the problem:

Below you will find short tutorials on how to fix these issues. If you need any help, talk to our Support Heroes.

Switch to the new chat widget

To use this app, you need to switch to the new chat widget. Head to Settings → Chat widget → Customization and click on Discover the new look. Confirm by clicking on the Save button.

Switch to new chat widget

Update LiveChat app in BigCommerce

To update the LiveChat app, you need to log in to your BigCommerce store, then follow these steps:

  1. From the dashboard, go to Apps → My apps

LiveChat app in BigCommerce Marketplace

  1. Find LiveChat app and click on Update.

Update LiveChat app in BigCommerce

  1. Check the box and click on Confirm

Confirm LiveChat update in BigCommerce


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