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Zoey: add LiveChat to your store

Alicja Pawliczak
1 min read
updated: Jun 19, 2019

Zoey is an e-commerce platform for businesses that sell to other companies. By adding LiveChat to your store, you can make it easier for your existing and potential customers to talk to you.

Once you install LiveChat, you can take advantage of greetings. Greetings are automatic messages that target specific customers and encourage them to start a conversation. For example, when they are stalling on a product page and need an extra nudge to make a purchase.

Add LiveChat to your Zoey store

  1. Log in to your Zoey account.
  2. Choose Edit My Design from the menu on the left.

Edit My Design in Zoey

  1. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner.

Zoey design settings

  1. Choose Manage Assets from the list.

Manage assets in Zoey

  1. Click on HTML Before Body.

Edit Zoey HTML code

  1. Now, open the LiveChat app. And go to Settings > Channels > Chat widget.

Go to LiveChat settings

  1. Click on Copy code to copy the installation code snippet.

Copy LiveChat installation code

  1. Go back to Zoey, click on Edit HTML.

Click on edit HTML in Zoey assets

  1. Paste the LiveChat code.

Pase Livechat code to Zoey

  1. Finally, click on Save & Close.

Save changes made to Zoey html code

That’s it! Go to your store and refresh the page. You should see that chat widget in the bottom right corner. From now on, your customers can talk to you without leaving your online store.

LiveChat chat widget on Zoey store

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