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amoCRM: adding new contacts via chat

by Jacob Firuta

You can gain plenty new contacts while chatting by using the amoCRM. With this integration, you will be able to add new contacts straight from chat.


To install amoCRM integration, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your amoCRM and proceed to the Settings section.
Accessing amoCRM settings
  1. Next, go to Add-ons & Extensions.
Accessing Addons and Extensions in amoCRM
  1. Click on the Install button below the LiveChat logo.
Installing the LiveChat addon in amoCRM
  1. Copy the link generated by amoCRM and go to the Webhooks section of your LiveChat.
Copying the first LiveChat link
  1. Click on Add a webhook and paste the link in the Target URL field.
Adding the webhook link
  1. Click on the Add a webhoook button.
Adding a webhook
  1. Go back to amoCRM, copy the second link and follow the instructions from steps 4-6.
Copying the second link

From now on, every time you start a new chat, a contacts will be added to your amoCRM.

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