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Facebook: chat with your fans

by Justyna Kraszewska

Have you ever wanted to chat live with your Facebook fan page visitors? Now you can!

LiveChat for Fan Pages will give you an additional way of reaching potential customers through Facebook. You will be able to add LiveChat to your fan page and keep the communication within one channel.

Setting up

To get LiveChat for your Facebook Page, visit the app’s installation page.

Note: To add LiveChat to a Facebook Page, you need to have Admin privileges on that page.

Next, click on the Add LiveChat to your page button.

If you have more than one fan page, select the page on which you want to install LiveChat and click on the Add LiveChat for Fan Pages button.

Adding live chat to Facebook button

You will be automatically redirected to your fan page. A new icon, LiveChat with us, will appear in the Apps section. Click it to finish the set up.

LiveChat button of a Facebook Page

All that is missing is your LiveChat email address and your API key. You can get your API key by going to the API key page.

Copy and paste the API key to finish the setup. Click on Activate to finalize.

Activating LiveChat on a Facebook Page

If you want a particular group of agents to handle the chats coming from your Facebook page, pick this group from the drop-down menu.

From this moment, your Facebook Page visitors will be able to contact you through your LiveChat on Facebook.

Customizing the name and the icon of the LiveChat app

You are welcome to personalize the name of the tab and the icon beside it. To change those choose Settings and then click on Apps in the menu on the left. Next, click on Edit settings.

Activating LiveChat on a Facebook Page

You will see the a pop-up window. To change the name of the tab, provide the new name in the box next to Custom Tab name and then click on Save button.

Customizing LiveChat on Facebook

To change the icon, click on Change next to Custom tab image. Then put your cursor on the icon and click on Edit.

Customizing LiveChat on Facebook

Prepare JPG, GIF or PNG file which is exactly 111 x 74 pixels and no more than 1 MB and upload it. The changes will be saved automatically.

Upcoming Facebook Messenger integration

Let your Facebook followers contact you via their Facebook chat window. This integration will allow you to handle all Facebook chat messages in your LiveChat app.

To learn more, visit the feature page. Note that this integration is currently in development.

If you would like to test this integration, visit Facebook Messenger Integration page and sign up as beta tester.
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