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Application statuses

by Jacob Firuta

Each LiveChat application has two different statuses. Each of them serves a specific purpose:

  • Accept chats – you can track and receive chats from visitors
  • Don’t accept chats – you won’t receive new chats from visitors, however, ongoing chats can be continued; additionally, you can still track visitors. You can also change settings, view archives and reports when not accepting chats.
Each agent who is logged in to the LiveChat app takes a seat, regardless of the status.

Make sure you always use correct status for your tasks. You can get accidental chats if you switch to Accept chats when you should only track visitors and supervise operators. This can create a lot of unnecessary confusion on the visitor side and should be avoided.

Changing your status is really simple. To do that, you have to click the status icon, either in your application or in your tray/dock and select the new status.
Changing your status in one application will change it in all other applications too.

Changing application statuses

You can also configure your desktop application to switch to Don’t accept chats after a certain period of inactivity. This way, you won’t get any accidental chats.

On Mac, go to LiveChat Preferences and set the Auto-away time there.

On Windows, go to General settings and in Status section, check the box and set the time for auto-away.

Check out our article on setting up auto-away for more information.

Initial status

You can set which status an agent will have after logging in. To do that, go to the Agents section, select the agent and click on Edit.

In the Status after logging in section you can choose between two options:

  • Accept chats if you want to send chats to the agent right after they log in,
  • Don’t accept chats if the agent should manually switch to the Accept chats status.
Changing the default Agent status in LiveChat

After selecting the initial status, click on the Save changes button to finalize.

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