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The mighty URL shortener

by Krzysztof Kraus

At LiveChat, we love to make your life easier. That’s why, in addition to our ready-made tools like LiveChat Dashboard and Typing Speed Test, we are introducing our new tool – The mighty URL shortener!

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The mighty URL shortener

The mighty URL shortener allows you to transform your long and boring URLs into ones that are shorter and way more attractive. But that’s not all! We prepared a short tutorial that will teach you how to:

We hope that you’ll enjoy it!

Login with Facebook

This step is optional – you don’t have to log in with Facebook to use our Mighty URL shortener.
  1. Login with Facebook option allows you to store all of your shortened links, in case you would like to use them later. To do that, click on Login with Facebook available in the top right section of URL Shortener.
Log in with Facebook to store all your shortened links
  1. You will be prompted with Facebook login window. There, provide you Facebook credentials and click on Log in.
Provide your Facebook credentials and click on Log in

Done! You are now logged in with Facebook and all of your shortened links will be stored under the Recently Shortened section.

In the Recently Shortened section you will also see how many times your customers clicked on your shortened links.
Check out all of your shortened links in the Recently Shortened section

You can use our Mighty URL shortener to shorten all sorts of link. Below, we will show you how to use our tool to customize your Chat link – later on, you can post it on your Social Media to better engage your customers!

Use your Social Media to better engage your customers!
  1. Go to the Chat link section available in your LiveChat and copy your link from there.
Copy your Chat link from LiveChat settings
  1. Paste your Chat link into the Mighty URL Shortener and click on Customize.
Click on Customize to edit your link
  1. In the Customize your link field, enter your custom URL string.
We recommend using a string in a {company}-support or chat-with-{company} format. Using such string will encourage your customers to chat with you when posting your link on Social Media or adding it to your Email signature.
Provide your custom URL string
  1. To prepare your custom link, click on the Shorten button.
Click on Shorten button to prepare your link!

Your custom link is ready! Now, you can click on the Copy to clipboard button to copy your custom link to clipboard.

Copy your custom link to clipboard!

You can also share your custom link on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ straight from The mighty URL shortener!

Share your custom link on Social Media!

With our Mighty URL shortener you can also track your custom links in your Google Analytics. That will allow you to see where your traffic is coming from.

  1. When customizing your links, you can decide if you want to track your links in Google Analytics. To do that, simply add custom tags like Campaign Source and Campaign Medium under the Add UTM tags section.
Add custom UTM tags to your link
  1. After adding custom UTM parameters, click on Shorten button.
Click here to lear more about custom UTM tags and to see how you can create a successful campaign with the use of them!
Click on Shorten button to prepare your link with custom UTMs!

Done! From now on, everytime your customer will click on your link, this action will be registered in Google Analytics.

We hope that you liked this tutorial! If you have any additional questions, feel free to start a chat with us – we are available 24/7/365! And stay tuned – there are more tools to come!

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