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Chat reports

by Jacob Firuta

The available chat reports will tell you a lot about the activity happening on your live chat, both in terms of scale and efficiency of your customer service. The following chat reports are available:

  1. Total chats
  2. Chat ratings
  3. Chat duration
  4. Availability

Total chats

The first report, Total chats, is your go-to analytics tool for measuring the amount of action happening on your live chat. Using this report, you can learn how many chats you get and at what point of the week (or day if you have the 24-hour distribution enabled) you get the most of them.

This kind of information is useful when you try to assign your agents to a particular part of they week/day. For more information about your staffing needs, check out the Staffing prediction report.

Chat reports with total chats number in LiveChat
You can also choose to see the chats for particular groups, tags or agents. What’s more, clicking on the bars representing the chats for a given day will show you those chat in the Archives.

Chat ratings

This report shows you how happy your customers are with your service. It lists all your ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ratings and gives you the overall happiness score.

If you want to quickly access the rated chats, you can click on the bar representing the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ rates to see those chats in the Archives.

Chat reports about chat ratings LiveChat

The report also provides a neat ranking of your agents and groups. If you are consistently tagging your chats, you can see how particular types of cases, e.g. sales chats, are rated in comparison to other chat types.

Chat duration

If you want to learn more about the difficulty of your chats, this report will help you out. It shows you how long an average chat takes for a given time period. You can see at what day or hour you get the longest chats.

Chat reports showing chat duration

Just like in the case of previous two discussed reports, the results of the average chat duration report can be different for different tags or groups. When grading your employees, you can take into consideration that, for example, sales chats can be shorter than support chats, or vice versa.


This report offers a quick way of checking the coverage of your chat. It shows the availability of your chat for a given time period. You can also filter this information to see the online time of individual agents or particular groups.

If you combine the information from this report with the data from the total chats report, you can see if you are missing out on chats with potential customers. For example, if you are getting a lot of chats at a particular part of the day and you happen to finish your chat coverage at that time, you can try expanding your chat use past that hour and see if the trend will continue.

Availability chat reports in LiveChat
You can use the filtering options to see the results for a single day. To do that select Custom period in the date filter and set the same day in ‘from’ and ‘to’ fields.
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