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Choosing the right plan

by Jacob Firuta

LiveChat subscription is plan-based. When you go to the Subscription page you will notice that we have five payment plans available: Starter, Regular, Team, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus.

Different plans offer different features. The features available in each plan are closely related to the target size of the live chat implementations.

Choosing the right LiveChat plan

Up and coming businesses and trained professionals will sway towards the Starter and Regular plans. Full-time customer service teams and departments will choose between the Team and Enterprise plans. The biggest companies that require the services of a Key Account Manager will pick the Enterprise Plus plan.

If you are looking for more advanced reporting and statistics, often required in big companies, you might want to try out the Enterprise or Enterprise Plus plans. Smaller companies that don’t need the in-depth information can get all the important features in the Team plan. Finally, small businesses who don’t have more than one agent and don’t need the team-related features can successfully use the Regular or Starter plans.

See the full plan comparison for more information.

The price for one agent seat (the number of agents that can be online on your LiveChat at the same time) is also different for each plan: $19 for Starter, $36 for Regular, $39 for Team, $59 for Enterprise and $149 for Enterprise Plus.

You can get a 15 percent discount off your LiveChat purchase by subscribing for 12 months.
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