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Configuring LiveChat notifications

by Jacob Firuta

Agents can receive a series of notifications when using LiveChat. The notifications let them know what is currently happening with their chats and visitors.

There are five different notifications:

  • New message in chat – you received a new message from a visitor
  • Incoming chat – a visitor has started a new chat
  • Visitor is queued before chat – a visitor has entered your chat queue
  • New visitor on the website – a new visitor has entered your website
  • Returning visitor on the website – someone who has already visited your website came back
In order to receive these notifications you need to give LiveChat permission to show them in browser. Learn how to do it in the Configuring notifications in Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox section.

In this article:

Editing notification preferences

To configure notifications, click on your profile picture in the bottom-left corner of the screen and select Notification preferences. The notifications window will open up.

LiveChat notification preferences

You can select which notifications you’d like to receive by marking the checkboxes next to them. The New message in chat notification is always enabled (unless all notifications are muted) while other notifications can be disabled.

To disable a notification, uncheck the box next to it and click on the Save changes button.

LiveChat notification preferences window
The notification settings are shared between all apps. If you set in your web app, the same settings will apply when using the mobile app.

Mute sound notifications

If you’d like to keep the visual notifications but you want to get rid of the sounds, you can uncheck the box next to the Play a sound every time I receive a notification option.

LiveChat mute notifications

Mute sound notifications on mobile

To turn off the sound notifications from LiveChat on your mobile, you need to access the device notifications settings.

On iOS, go to Settings and access the Notification Center. Next, you need to find and choose the LiveChat app from the list. Finally, you can turn off the sound using the radio button.

On Android, you simply need to access the sound settings and turn down the Notifications.

Repeat the notification sound for new messages

You can set up a repeating sound for a New message in chat and then the notification will be played in loop until the message has been read. To turn on this option, check the box next to Repeat New message sound until message is read.

LiveChat notifications Repeat the incoming message sounds notification

Configuring notifications in Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

In order to get LiveChat notifications you need to enable them in the browser you are using. Below you can find tutorials for:


In order to enable notifications you need to:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the bottom left corner and select Notifications preferences.
Change LiveChat notification preferences
  1. Click on the Enable notifications button.
Turn on LiveChat notifications in Safari
  1. Allow “” to show alerts.
Allow LiveChat to show alerts in Safari

In order to change the existing notification permissions you need to:

  1. Go to Safari → Preferences.
Change notification settings in Safari
  1. Select the Websites tab.
  2. Choose the Notifications section from the list on the left.
Change LiveChat notifications in Safari
  1. Click on the dropdown on the right to switch between Allow/Deny (permission to send notifications).
Edit notification preferences in Safari

Google Chrome

To enable notifications you simply need to:

  1. Click on the lock icon (positioned next to the url bar) – a window will pop up.
  2. Change Notifications to Allow.
Enable Google Chrome notifications

In the same window, you can change Notifications back to Deny if you no longer want to receive LiveChat notifications in browser.

Mozilla Firefox

To enable notifications follow these steps:

  1. Click on the lock icon positioned next to the URL bar.
  2. Next, click on the rightwards arrow.
Go to site information in Mozilla
  1. Then, click on More information.
Choose more information in Mozilla
  1. Select the Permissions tab.
  2. Find Receive notifications on the list, and make sure that the Use Default box is unchecked.
  3. Finally, select Allow.
  4. Allow notifications in site permissions

    If you no longer want to receive LiveChat notifications in browser, select Block in the same window.

    Troubleshooting double notifications when using Firefox on Mac OS X

    If you’re using Firefox on Mac OS X, you might want to disable the native OS X notifications for Firefox to avoid notifications doubling. Firefox adds a sound to each web app notification, which makes it hard to distinguish the notifications from one another.

    Here is how to disable native OS X notifications:

    1. To disable the Firefox notification sounds, go to your System Preferences and select Notifications.
    Navigate to Sytem preferences and select Notifications
    1. Select Firefox from the list.
    2. Uncheck the Play sound for notifications option. This way only the LiveChat notification sounds will be played.
    Uncheck play sound for notifications in Firefox
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