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Constant Contact: grow your leads from chat!

by Krzysztof Kraus

Constant Contact: integrate LiveChat with Constant Contact and automate the growth of your Leads. Implement the integration with just a few easy steps and see how the magic happens!


  1. Click here to install Constant Contact app on your LiveChat account.
Constant Contact: grow your Leads from a chat!
  1. After successful installation, you will see a confirmation screen.
Constant Contact was installed successfully on your LiveChat!
  1. There you have to provide three things:
  • Your API key;
  • Access Token;
  • List ID

and click on Save Changes to proceed.

Paste the info to Constant Contact app and save changes!
Getting your API key, Access Token and List ID may be tricky when it comes to Constant Contact, but we will guide you all the way. Simply click here and you will be just fine!
  1. Now, go to the pre-chat survey section of your LiveChat settings and make sure to add the E-mail with confirmation field.
Make sure to add Email with confirmation field to your pre-chat survey
Your customers’ emails will be saved as Contacts – you can view them in the Constant Contact’s administration panel, browsing the list that you have used when setting up the integration.

And that’s all! If you are having problems with getting your Constant Contact API key, Access Token or List ID, make sure to follow the steps below!

Get Constant Contact API information

In order to get your Constant Contact’s API key and Access Token you will have to sign up for a Mashery portal.

  1. To register for Mashery account, click here and provide the details that you will use to log onto their portal.
Sign up for Mashery account
  1. After successful registration, click here to apply for your API key. You will be taken to the Constant Contact Application Registration page.
When applying for API key, you can use LiveChat as the application name. Other than that and agreeing to the Mashery’s terms of service there is nothing else that you need to fulfill.

When you provided all the required information, please click on Register Application to proceed.

Click on Register Application to proceed
  1. Done! Now we’re about to get your Access Token. To do that, click here and press the Get Access Token button.
It's time to get your Access Token
  1. On the next screen, you will be asked to log into your Constant Contact account. After that, you will receive your Access Token – don’t forget to save it somewhere safe!
Save your Access Token
  1. All that is left is to copy your API key and Access Token and pass them to the table below – we will do the hardest job for you, automatically providing you with your List ID!

Invalid Constant Contact credentials

  1. Done! Now paste the collected data into the Constant Contact application and save changes – just like on the instructions here!
Paste the info to Constant Contact app and save changes!

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful but if you have any additional questions, feel free to start a chat with us – we are available 24/7/365!

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