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MailChimp: gain new leads from chat

by Jacob Firuta

You can expand your newsletter subscribers list using our MailChimp integration. It will allow your visitors to signup for your newsletters when filling out the pre-chat survey.


To install the MailChimp integration, you need to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to the MailChimp integration page and click on Install application.
  2. Click on Install to proceed further.
Installing MailChimp application
  1. You will be redirected to the integration page where you need to fill in the Mailchimp’s List ID and Mailchimp’s API Key fields.
  1. To get the List ID, go to your Lists section in MailChimp, find the desired list, click on the Settings button, select List name & defaults and copy the ID.
Getting the new MailChimp list number
  1. Next, you need to access your account Profile.
Accessing your account profile in the Mailchimp integration
  1. You can get your API Key by accessing the Extras and proceeding to the API Keys section.
Accessing MailChimp API keys
  1. You can either use an existing API key or choose to issue a new one by clicking on Create A Key.
Creating a new MailChimp API key
  1. Double opt-in checkbox

Before you hit the save button, consider the double opt-in option. By default, the checkbox is unmarked. It means that users will be added to your list immediately after filling out the signup form. Check the double opt-in process box if you want your users to confirm their subscription to your list. Read more below

  1. Save integration setting by pressing Save changes.
  1. Next, you need to add an E-mail with confirmation field in the pre-chat survey section.
Adding pre-chat survey field
  1. Finalize by selecting Save changes.

From now on, your visitors will be able to subscribe to your newsletter every time they fill in the pre-chat survey, gaining you a lot of new contacts and newsletter subscribers.

Double opt-in process

The double opt-in process requires users to opt-in to your mailing lists twice. First, they need to enter their email address into the sign-up form. In the next step, they receive an email with a confirmation link. It means that subscribers won’t receive any emails from you unless they confirm that they really want to join your list.

Use the double opt-in option if you want to keep the quality of your lists high.


First of, such lists have higher engagement and response levels. By targeting people who confirmed interest in your emails, you get more opens and more clicks.

Moreover, since you send a confirmation email, you also ensure the email used by the subscriber is valid. There’s no option for any person to provide a fake email address or one that doesn’t belong to them. It also helps to keep spammers and spambots off your healthy lists. All that results in lower bounce rates and unsubscribes and fewer spam complaints.

The double opt-in is ultimately a choice between the size and quality of your list. The question you need to answer is whether you focus on quantity and quick results or quality subscribers who will open and click through your emails.

Check out the Mailchimp’s knowledge base to learn how you can customize your double-opt-in confirmation emails.

Survey field mapping

You can map pre-chat survey fields from LiveChat to their Mailchimp equivalents.

To do that, go to the Survey mapping section of the Mailchimp integration and select the field you want to change. For example, let’s choose the Email field.

Selecting the email field for mapping in Mailchimp and LiveChat integration

Next, type in the name of that field you use in Mailchimp. In our case, this will be EMAIL.

Mapping the email field in Mailchimp and LiveChat integration

You can get the field names and *|MERGE|* tags for your list by accessing its settings and going to the List fields and *|MERGE|* tags section.

Accessing list fields and merge tags

Simply copy the *|MERGE|* tag name for the field you want to map in LiveChat.

Copying merge fields names

Once you are done setting up the fields for all your pre-chat survey questions, click on Save changes to finalize.

Saving Mailchimp integration changes in LiveChat

From now on, the information from the pre-chat surveys will be stored on your Mailchimp account, along with other contact information.

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