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How to: Chat window

by Jacob Firuta

The chat window facilitates the communication between your agents and your online visitors. Through the chat window, you will be able to do the following:

  • Handle enquiries and answer questions
  • Provide customer support
  • Convert visitors into customers

To conduct these activities properly, you will have to understand how the chat window works and how to use its functions to their full capacity. Below, you can find a rundown of the most important functions and options available in the chat window. Learn how to use Chats section to:


The most basic and useful function of the chat window is chatting. This can be done by entering text in the chat box and pressing enter. Once you do that, your message will be sent to the visitor.

Text area in chat window
Make sure you keep your messages short and informative and to give your customers some time to read your message before sending next one. Customers love instant replies: try to speed up your typing and lower the response time. Using correct spelling is also something that clients will appreciate.

Switching between chats

When you start getting more visitors on site, you will also start receiving more chats. You can switch between ongoing chats by clicking on the circles which represent them. Such a circle pops up every time a visitor starts chatting with you.

Selecting a chat

To handle several chats at the same time efficiently, you need to keep switching between them. Your visitors don’t know that you are chatting with more than one person and could get impatient if you don’t respond for a long time.

The chat circle turns red when you don’t answer for 40 seconds. The red chats require your immediate attention. Try to stay in the green as much as possible.

You can also switch between chats using Keyboard Shortcuts.

Message sneak-peek

By using message sneak-peek, you will be able to see what the visitor is typing in before they send it over. This allows you to start formulating the answer faster, making your responses quicker.

Message sneak-peek

Canned responses

Canned responses are an easy way to provide a quick and informative customer service. Using canned responses, you can store large portion of text to later recall it using shortcuts. To use canned responses in chats or tickets, simply type in # followed by the shortcut for the response you wish to use.

Using canned responses

Canned response will help you to provide swift and precise customer service. Learn how to create canned responses and more about their benefits in the canned responses tutorial.


Chat transfers allow you to transfer a chat to another agent or a group. Do this by selecting More in the chat window and clicking on the Transfer button. Afterwards, you need to select an agent or a group that will receive the chat.

Transferring a chat

This function is useful for the less experienced agents. Whenever they receive an enquiry that is too complicated or requires expert knowledge, they can hand the chat over to a more experienced agent.

Read more about transfers.

File sharing

You can send and receive files over chats using the file sharing option. To send a file to a customer, click on the More button and select Upload files.

Uploading a file from the chat window

Select the file you want to send and click on the Send button.

Confirming file upload

Your customers can send you files using the paper clip icon in the chat window or simply by drag&dropping a file into the chat window.

Customer sending a file

You can use file sharing to pass all kinds of files, for example, marketing materials, product catalogs and guides. For more information about this feature, read the file sharing tutorial.

Creating a ticket

To create a ticket from the chat window, select More and click on the Create a ticket button.

Creating ticket from chat

You will have to specify the email of the visitor and the ticket’s subject. When you’re done, click on the Create a ticket button to finalize.

Creating a ticket from chat

Learn more about tickets in LiveChat.


LiveChat can be integrated with a number of helpful third party apps. They range from CMS platforms to desktop sharing apps. Integrations can be used straight from the chat window using the More button.

Integration buttons

You can learn more about our integrations on the integrations page.

Ending chats

Once you respond to all the questions or solve all your visitor’s problems, you can close the chat by pressing the X mark that becomes visible after hovering on the circle.

Closing a chat

Alternatively, you can end the chat by clicking on More and then selecting Stop chat button. Then you can close the chat by clicking on Close this window link that will appear in the chat window.

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