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How to modify the chat widget language

by Jacob Firuta

Matching the language of the chat widget with the language of your website is an important step of the customization.

You can also modify the messages and notifications visible in the chat widget to convey your company’s unique voice.

If you run a multiple language site, you can assign a dedicated language department to each page.

In this article:

Supported languages

LiveChat has been translated into 45 languages. If your language isn’t on the list, let us know!

Here’s the list of supported languages:

  1. Arabic New!
  2. Armenian
  3. Azeri
  4. Bulgarian
  5. Catalan
  6. Simplified Chinese
  7. Traditional Chinese
  8. Croatian
  9. Czech
  10. Danish
  11. Dutch
  12. English
  13. Estonian
  14. Finnish
  15. French
  1. Georgian
  2. German
  3. Greek
  4. Hebrew New!
  5. Hungarian
  6. Icelandic
  7. Indonesian
  8. Italian
  9. Japanese
  10. Kazakh
  11. Korean
  12. Latvian
  13. Lithuanian
  14. Malaysian
  15. Norwegian (bokmål)
  1. Norwegian (nynorsk)
  2. Polish
  3. Portuguese
  4. Brazilian Portuguese
  5. Romanian
  6. Russian
  7. Serbian
  8. Slovak
  9. Slovene
  10. Spanish
  11. Swedish
  12. Thai
  13. Turkish
  14. Ukrainian
  15. Vietnamese

Change the language of the chat widget

To change the language of your chat widget, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to LiveChat and go to Settings → Chat window → Language.
Change chat widget language
  1. Select a language from the list.
Choose a language from the list
  1. Click on Save changes.
Save changes made to chat widget language settings
Greetings aren’t translated automatically to the set language. Go to the greetings section to make sure they are consistent with the language you have set for the chat window.

Change the language of the chat widget for a group

You can offer your LiveChat in several different languages by setting up different languages for your groups. To do this, you need to create a group for each language you want to cover and then set the correct language for them.

Here’s how to set the chat widget’s language for a particular group:

  1. Go to Settings → Chat window → Language.
  2. Select a group from the drop-down list.
Change the chat widget language for a group
  1. Choose a language from the list.
Choose group language
  1. Finalize by clicking on the Save changes button.
Save changes made to a group language settings

If you haven’t done it yet, you can assign your groups to corresponding pages using URL rules.

After completing the steps, website visitors who visit one of the language versions of your website will see a chat widget in that language.

If you want to create separate support, sales, and other groups in a given language, you need to to create an additional group for each role you want to cover. For example, if you want your agents to offer sales, support and general inquiries in German, you need to create a sales-german, support-german, and general-german groups, set them to German language and add the German-speaking agents to them.
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