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How to: Monitoring window

by Jacob Firuta

The monitoring window is used to gather useful information on your visitors and their activities on your site. A number of things can be tracked using the monitoring window and a few actions can be taken through its interface:

Gathering useful information and inviting prospective visitors to chat is a great way to increase your customers number. Using the information below, you will know how to gather that data and how to use it for your and your company’s benefit.

Data tracking

Through the monitoring window, you can track all kinds of valuable data. You can see the names of your visitors, their location, the page they are currently viewing and much more. All that data is displayed in the monitoring window.

The Monitoring window

This is valuable information that you can use to spot prospective visitors, invite them to chat and convert them into customers. For example, you could see that someone has, for some time, been on a particular product page. You could approach such visitor and offer help and some additional information on the product, making the visitor’s choice much easier.

You can treat the monitoring window as a virtual representation of your page. If you own an online shop, the monitoring window represents that shop. Visitors on different pages are like customers in different shop isles. The monitoring window helps you get in touch with those visitors and offer relevant advice on their purchases.

Inviting to chat

After gathering useful information on your visitors and assessing which of those visitors can be turned into a customers, you can invite them to chat through the monitoring window. In order to do that, you have to select the visitor and click on Start chat.

Inviting to a chat

Locating and inviting a prospective visitor to chat is only the first step of the task. You need to use the gathered information in chat and propose a personalized offer to be successful.


Chat supervision can be used to either check how your agents are doing or to train new member of your team. To supervise a chat, select an ongoing conversation and click on Supervise chat.

Supervising a chat

You will covertly join the ongoing chat. Neither the agent, nor the visitor will know that you are now watching their conversation. If you want, you can write messages that only the agent will receive.

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