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How to use the search option in LiveChat

by Jacob Firuta

Easily locate specific chats and tickets using the search option in LiveChat. It allows you to jump to a particular case from any part of the product.

To use the search option, simply click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right portion of the LiveChat app.

Search option in LiveChat

Type in the phrase, name or email you want to find and press enter to start the search. A summary of the search will be brought up with hits for chats and tickets.

You can use from 3 to 60 characters when searching for a phrase.

You can either choose one of the brought up chats/tickets or broaden your search. To show more results, you can use one of the buttons that shows all results, for example, Show all 1109 results… to bring more chats.

Showing more results

When you do choose one of the Show all options, you will be brought to a list of chats/tickets that are connected to your search.

Trim down the search results further by using the filtering options.

You can click on any of the hits to bring up the entire chat/ticket.

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