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Using transfers and supervision

by Blazej Szperlinski

LiveChat provides agents with tools that facilitate helping one another when chatting with customers. They can use transfers and supervision if they need help from a more experienced agent. So, when in doubt, there’s no need to put customers on hold.

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Agents can transfer chats to another agent or group with just a few clicks. The recipient can then instantly follow-up on the case and reply within seconds.

When transferring a chat to a group, it will be transferred to the first available agent in this group, based on chat routing rules. You can’t choose a specific agent from another group to which the chat will be transferred.

How to transfer a chat

  1. Click on the three dots icon “” in the top right corner.
How to transfer chat to another agent
  1. Click on Transfer to….
Click on transfer to in the LiveChat app
  1. Choose either an agent or a group (you need to switch to Group tab to choose a group). To finalize click on Choose.
Click on choose to transfer chat to the selected agent

That’s it. The chat will be transferred immediately and you can focus on helping other customers.

It is good practice to let the customer know that they are about to be transferred with a personal message. It should contain the reason behind the transfer and the name of the agent who will take over the chat. You can type your own fully personalized message on the go or create a canned response for that.


Each ongoing chat can be supervised in real time by agents from the same group. This gives more experienced employees a chance to coach and train newbies. In addition, the supervisor can send suggestions (that are invisible to customers) to the agent right in chat.

This way, new agents can practice handling clients in real customer service situations with an expert available whenever a difficult question comes up.

Additionally, when there are fewer chats, new agents can supervise other chats to pick up on good practices.

Supervise a chat

To oversee a chat, go to Customers section, pick the chat from the list, and click on Supervise chat.

  1. Log in to LiveChat and go to Customers section.
How to supervise a chat in LiveChat
  1. Choose a customer from the list and click on Supervise chat.
Supervise chat button in Customer section

That’s it, you can oversee and switch between supervised chats back in the Chats section.

Supervised chats list

Send whispers when supervising a chat

The supervising agent will see all the messages in the chat and will be able to send hints via whispers by typing messages in text field and hitting Enter.

Speech bubbles containing whispers are grey and are seen by the agents only, the customer won’t see those messages in the chat.
Whispers in LiveChat

Stop supervising a chat

There are two ways to stop supervising a chat: through the chat list and the chat feed. Both of them are explained in the tutorials below.

Stop supervising a chat from the chat list

  1. Hover over the chat you want to stop supervising. An x will appear in the top right corner. Click on it.
Stop supervising a chat from chat list
  1. To confirm, click on Stop supervising.
Stop supervising link

Stop supervising from the chat feed

  1. Click on the three dots icon in the top right corner. A menu will open.
Stop supervising a chat from the chat feed
  1. Click on Stop supervising.
Stop supervising chat action

That’s it. You can always start supervising a chat again by clicking on Supervise chat in the Customers section.

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