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Using transfers and supervision

by Blazej Szperlinski

LiveChat agents have a very unique opportunity to help one another when chatting with customers. They can use transfers and supervision if they need help of more experienced agent. The same tools can also be used to train new agents. All that without putting your customers on hold!


Agents can transfer entire conversations with just a few clicks. The recipient can then instantly follow-up on the case and reply within seconds.

To transfer a chat, agent needs to click on More button in the top right corner of the chat window, then select Transfer chat, and click on an agent or group they want to transfer the chat to. Customer will be notified about the transfer with a message in a chat window.

Even though the automatic message about the transfer is displayed to the visitor, it would be nice to let your visitor know that they are about to be transferred with a personal message. You can type your own fully personalized message on the go or create a canned response for that.
Transferring a chat

You can transfer the conversation either to a specific agent or to a group. Use the first option when you want to pass the chat to an experienced agent and the second option when you want to move the case to a whole another department.

Please note that, when transferring a chat to a group, it will be transferred to the first available agent in this group, based on our chat routing rule. You cannot choose the specific agent from the department to which the chat will be transferred.

Chat transfers are immediate, so from a customer’s perspective there is no delay, which results in a smile appearing on their face when they see their case being resolved quickly.


Each ongoing chat can be supervised in real time by agents from the same group. This gives senior employees a chance to coach and train newbies. In addition, the supervisor can type suggestions to the agent, which are invisible to customers.

This way, new agents can practice handling clients in real customer service situations with an expert available whenever a difficult question comes up.

Additionally, when there are fewer chats, new agents can supervise customer service veterans to pick up on good practices.

To oversee a chat, go to Visitors section, pick the chat from the list, and click on Supervise chat.

Supervising a chat

The supervising agent will see all the messages in the chat and will be able to send hints via whispers by typing messages in text field an hitting Enter.

Whispers will be marked with an ear icon and will be seen by the agents only, visitor won’t see those messages in the chat.
Whispering in a chat

To stop supervising a chat, simply click on (stop supervising) in the header of the window.

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