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LiveChat Dashboard

by Krzysztof Kraus

In addition to several ready-made integrations, like Google Analytics or OpenGraph, LiveChat provides you with the access to our Dashboard – a pre-made reporting tool, giving you real-time information about your Customer Support.

Log in to LiveChat Dashboard

Our Dashboard gained a responsive design, so feel free to use it on your mobile device as well!
  1. To log into your Dashboard, go to and provide Email and Password of your LiveChat account.
Log in to LiveChat Dashboard
  1. If you are using Google to log in to your LiveChat account, you can use it on your Dashboard as well. Simply click on the Login with Google and choose your Google Account.
Use Google to log into LiveChat Dashboard

Done! You are now logged in to your Dashboard, and you can start using it to monitor your team’s effectiveness!

Add Dashboard to your mobile

From now on, you can add LiveChat Dashboard as an application to your iOS and Android devices. It’s a great way to quickly access the most important information about your team when you are on the go.

LiveChat Dashboard for Android

  1. To add LiveChat Dashboard to your Android, open your Chrome browser and Log in to your Dashboard. Then, tap on the Chrome menu button available next to the URL address in Chrome.
Enter Chrome Context menu to add Dashboard to your home screen
  1. From the available options, tap on the Add to Home screen button.
Tap on Add to Home screen button
  1. On the Add to Home screen section, tap on Add to confirm.
Tap on Add to confirm

LiveChat Dashboard for iOS

  1. To add LiveChat Dashboard to your iPhone or iPad, open your Safari browser and Log in to your Dashboard. Then, tap on the Share button button available at the bottom of your Safari.
Tap on Share button to add Dashboard to your iOS
  1. Now, tap on the Add to Home Screen button.
Tap on Add to Home Screen button
  1. On the Add to Home section, tap on Add to confirm.
Tap on Add to confirm

Done! Now your Dashboard is available from your Android and iOS Home Screen! Use it to measure the quality of your Customer Support – whenever and wherever you are.

LiveChat Dashboard for mobile

What information will you get?

You can display LiveChat Dashboard on a separate screen or TV in your office. By doing that, you will see how your team performs, without having to check your LiveChat reports.

When using our Dashboard, you can instantly get the real-time information about:

  • The number of current visitors of your website;
  • The overall number of concurrent chats;
  • The number of unassigned and opened tickets;
  • The number of logged in agents, combined with the information on how many of them are having chats at the moment.
LiveChat Dashboard real-time information

In addition to real-time information, you will also be able to catch a glimpse of your account’s summary. This summary includes last 7 days and the information like:

  • The number of total chats performed by your agents, including the number of queued visitors, chats marked as Goals and your visitors’ satisfaction;
  • The number of new tickets, including first response time, resolution time and the number of solved tickets.
LiveChat Dashboard last 7 days information

How can you filter data displayed on Dashboard?

You can filter displayed information with the use of Groups filter. This option is useful when supervising only specific teams at LiveChat.

  1. To do that, click on the Filter data for groups.
LiveChat Dashboard filtering by groups
  1. Now, specify the groups that you would like for our Dashboard to track and click on Apply button.
LiveChat Dashboard choosing groups

Done! Now your Dashboard will display data only from specified groups, providing you with all the necessary info. Hopefully, you have found this article helpful but if you have any additional questions, feel free to start a chat with us – we are available 24/7/365!

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