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Managing agent accounts in LiveChat

by Justyna Janowska

Planning on using your LiveChat in a team, you will need to invite users to join with their email address. You can do it either manually or through a bulk import from your Google account. Creating a profile for each teammate not only lets you track individual statistics but also group agents based on their skills and tasks.

This article covers the following topics:

  • adding an agent
  • agent roles
  • changing agent password
  • editing agent accounts
  • removing agent

Adding an agent account

All admins and the account owner can invite other teammates to join their LiveChat account. To create a profile for a new agent, go to the Agents section and click Add an agent.

adding new LiveChat agent

Next, name the agent and enter their email address. The email you enter will be used as a LiveChat login for the agent. The email address can’t be changed or edited later on.

Creating new agent account in LiveChat

At this stage, you can also configure some additional settings and options:

  1. Personalize the profile with a picture
  2. To personalize the profile with the agent’s picture, click on Choose photo link. You can either choose a pic from the gallery or make the profile more personal by uploading an actual photo of the agent.

  3. Subscribe the agent for the selected email notifications
  4. There are two types of email notifications: A Daily Summary with an overview of the previous day’s performance and an email about a New Ticket. As an admin, you can choose the set of notifications for of each agent individually. We recommend having both options ticked.

  5. Assign the agent to groups
  6. If you have configured groups, you will get an option to assign the agent to one of them. This way, the agent will only receive chat from that particular group.

  7. Decide on the agent’s role
  8. Agent’s role defines the set of permissions that agent will have in LiveChat. For example, administrators can configure all the setting and access all stats whereas Normal users have a limited access to those options. Check this article for details about different agent roles.

  9. Define the number of concurrent chats
  10. It’s possible to define the chat limit for each single agent. The concurrent chat limit sets a cap on the number of chats your agent will receive at once. The number can range from 1 to 99.

  11. Choose the after login status
  12. The last pair of options defines if the agent will accept chat right after login or not. Setting the after login status to Accept chats will make the agent available to receive chats right after logging in to the application. Don’t accept chats, on the other hand, the agent will have to change the status manually.

    Learn more about the statuses form this article.

All those settings are specific for each single agent and should be set individually. They can be edited by Administrators and Owner at any time.

When done with the configuration, click Add an agent to finalize the process.

Add new LiveChat agent

The new agent will receive the invitation email with a verification link redirecting to the login page where the agent can choose a password and sign in.

First time password setup

Changing the password

Admins and the owner of the account can change the password remotely for any existing agent. To do it, go to the Agents section, choose the agent whose password you need to change and click Edit.

link to edit agent account in LiveChat

Next, click Change password. After you confirm your identity with your password, you can choose the new password for the agent. When you are done, click the Change password button.

changing password for LiveChat agent

Changing the name and job title of an agent

Admins and the owner of the account can change the name and job title of any agent by editing their profile in the Agents section. Simply choose the agent whose name or job title you wish to change and edit the Name and Job Title fileds.

Editting agent in LiveChat

Make sure to hit Save changes when done.

Setting up working hours

Work Scheduler is available from the Enterprise plan up.

To set up working hours for your agents, access their profile in the Agents section, click on Edit and then change… in the Working hours section at the bottom of the page.

setting up working hours in LiveChat

Use the work scheduler to configure the working hours for the agents and finalize by selecting Save changes. If you’d like to know more about setting up working hours for you agents, check out the work scheduler tutorial.

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