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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Installation guide

by Jacob Firuta

You can collect data on your clients and then use it during chats with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration for LiveChat.

The integration allows you both store new contacts directly from chat as well as display existing customer data in the application.

Please note that this is a paid integration. For more information, please contact the integration developer.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with LiveChat


To get the integration going, you will need the help of the integration developer. You can speed up the integration process by providing two things up front: your license number and your LiveChat API key.

To get the license number, log in to LiveChat and go to the Code section. The highlighted bit is your license number. Copy it to a file to include in your email to the integration developer.

Getting your LiveChat license number

The other thing you need is your LiveChat API key. To get it, go to the Agents section and copy the string under Your API key label.

Getting the LiveChat API key for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Once you have both your license number and your API key, please contact the integration developer to proceed. Make sure to include both the key and the number in the communication.

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