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More chats with the Eye-catcher

by Bartosz Olchówka

Your chat window can sometimes be omitted by visitors. Turn that around and show your customers that they’re just one click away from getting help – all of that with our freshly redesigned eye-catchers!

Encourage your visitors to chat!

Be visible

With the feeling that your customers are just one click away from getting help, you can build trust between you and your customers. And what’s the better way to create such feeling then with a neatly looking graphic? Do that and anytime a question pops out in their heads, your customers will know that the solution is to click on the colourful badge and ask the agent for help.

LiveChat's eye-catcher – freshen your site's design!
An eye-catcher can appeal to all of your customers, allowing you to provide a world-class service and support. By making the chat window more visible, contacting your chat team and getting the right answers has never been easier!

Choose your own eye-catcher

Uploading your own eye-catcher or choosing the one from the gallery is available from our Team plan.

You can set up the eye-catcher in the Eye-catcher section of your LiveChat app. To do that, mark the Enable eye-catcher option and click on Save changes button to proceed.

Enable your eye-catcher!

You are not limited to the eye-catcher that LiveChat comes equipped with by default. Just prepare your own graphic and upload it in the Eye-catcher section, by clicking install next to any existing button. Although the eye-catcher graphic can be as big as you wish, you don’t want it to cover your entire website. Try starting with a 300px by 200px eye-catcher and see if it works with your design.

When customizing your eye-catcher, you can use a .gif file of an animated graphic. This will allow you to have an animated eye-catcher that will draw even more attention to your chat.

Creating an eye-catcher from a template

You can use pre-made templates to quickly create personalized eye-catchers for your website. A perfect solution if you want to customize your eye-catcher but you don’t have the time or resources to create one from scratch.

Simply download the templates and add your own text on top of them.

New eye-catcher templates available for download

Coming up with a personalized eye-catcher that fits your website content well will give you even more chats from potential customers!

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