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Discover LiveChat’s new design

by Alicja Pawliczak

The current look of the app has been with us for a long time. But what used to work well may not be so great anymore. That’s why we decided it was time for a redesign of both the Agent App and the chat widget.

We wanted to come up with a design that is clean and easy to navigate. And at the same time allows us to add new features easily.

This plan has finally come to fruition, and in this article, you can learn what has changed.

If you want to try out the new design go to How to switch to new design in the Agent App and How to switch to the new chat widget.

In this article:


What’s new (and better) about the redesigned Chat section:

Chats section redesign
  • thanks to a vertical chat list you can easily navigate between chats, even if there is more than six of them;
  • the list contains not only ongoing chats but also queued chats and ones you are currently supervising, you can see them in real time and quickly access them while still keeping an eye on your current chats;
  • the actual chatting space is bigger which makes it easier to see the chat history as well as the newest messages from the customer;
  • agent’s messages are now clearly visually different from customer’s messages so it’s easier to know what is going on;
  • customer details are now all stored in one location and divided into sections for your convenience;
  • bigger customer location map, that lets you see details;
  • updated shortcuts that make moving between chats easier; for example, alt arrow keys will allow you to go up and down the list.

We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel so all the tools you know from the old design are still there: message sneak peek, canned responses, tags, and many more.

Customers (previously Visitors)

Customers section redesign

What’s new (and better) about the redesigned Customers section:

  • thanks to start chat and send customized message buttons you can invite customers to a chat without leaving the Customers section;
  • all customer data is stored in one location; we currently provide 24 types of information, including among others: customer’s location, e-mail, sent greetings, number of visits, page the user is currently on, referring website and device information;
  • the view can be easily adjusted to your needs, choose which data columns you want to see, which should be hidden, and in what order you want them displayed;
  • columns can be sorted so you quickly find customers in your targeted audience;
  • thanks to filters you include or exclude certain values from the list;
  • customers details bar is also accessible from this section;


Agents section redesign

What’s new (and better) about the redesigned Agents section:

  • information about agents can be sorted by name, role, device, status; no more going through a never-ending list of names;
  • your teammates can join LiveChat through a shareable link;
  • agent’s e-mail address is displayed in the list;
  • thanks to agent priority setting you can set who gets incoming chats first, and who will play a backup role in a group;
  • groups can be easily navigated thanks to group icons;
  • agent details bar has been tidied up to make looking for information easier;


Settings section redesign
  • revamped menu makes it easier to navigate and find the setting you are looking for;
  • with switching to the new chat widget you can customize it right in Settings without using any CSS or JavaScript, read this article to see what can be changed with the new chat widget configurator;

Learn how to switch to the new chat widget.

Chat widget

Chat widget redesign
  • chat widget has stepped into the 21st century with its modern design;
  • thanks to advanced customization options available in Settings you can change the widget’s looks without using any CSS/JavaScript;
  • chat widget can display rich messages – which means sending customized product cards with images and buttons;
  • actions like receiving new messages in a chat, minimizing the chat window or having the window pop up, now come with a small animation.

How to switch to new design in the Agent App

First, you need to log into your LiveChat account, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the bottom left corner.
Click on profil picture to open a menu
  1. Turn on the switch next to New LiveChat view
Switch to new LiveChat view

How to switch to the new chat widget:

Please make note that changes will apply to all groups.

First, you need to log into your LiveChat account, then follow these steps:

  1. Head to Settings → Chat widget → Customization
Go to Customization Settings in Agent App
  1. Click on Discover the new look.
Click on discover new look
  1. Confirm by hitting the Save button.
Click on Save Changes
  1. Finally, click on Got it
Click on got it

What’s next

LiveChat is constantly changing: Chats, Agents, Customers, Settings section and the chat window.

The next big thing on our list is the Archives section. You can take a sneak peek already, as our product manager Malgorzata posted a preview of what Archives will look like on Community.

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