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No ticket form after work hours

by Jacob Firuta

Sometimes, when the need for contact is very urgent, e.g. in case of product support, clients might get frustrated when they go to your site and find only the offline contact form.

Ultimately, the best option would be to provide a 24/7 support. However, this is not always possible. When you deal with a lot of urgent inquiries and you can’t always be online, it might be useful to hide your ticket form.

The ticket form appears whenever there is no agent logged in to your LiveChat or when all of your agents go to the Don’t accept chats status.

To make the ticket form invisible, you need to follow a few simple steps. See the guide for Embedded chat window or for the Popup chat window.

Keep in mind that the ticket form can be a source of valuable leads and turning it off is not always the best alternative. See why it is useful to stay in touch with your customers.

Setup for embedded chat window

Follow these simple steps to hide your ticket form for embedded chat window:

  1. Go to the Ticket form section
  2. Next, you have to untick Let visitors leave a message after-hours
Turning off the offline form
  1. Finish up by clicking on Save changes.

To make the ticket form invisible for the popup chat window, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Chat buttons section and add or edit a button.
Uploading offline button graphic
  1. Upload a transparent 1×1 px graphic for the After-hours button.
Uploading custom chat button

  1. Hit the Save changes button
  2. Navigate back to Chat buttons, click Install and then copy and paste the newly generated code into your website’s code.
Installing chat button

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