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Customizing and managing the Quality Page

by Michał Fiech

Quality Page is a dedicated web page that presents the customer service quality of each customer (you can preview yours here).

Together with Quality Badge, they help you show how great your customer service is and make your brand more trustworthy.

LiveChat Quality Page
Quality Page and Quality Badge are available to all plans except for Starter.

Each Quality Page consists of:

Chat happiness rate is the percentage of good rates among all rated chats (good and bad). Average First Response Time calculation is described here.

Publishing and unpublishing Quality Page

By default, the Quality Page is published.

To preview the page, visit “Settings” » “Installation” » “Quality Page & Badge section and click “Preview Quality Page” link. Please note that this section is visible only to Administrators and Owners.

LiveChat Quality Page Preview

To unpublish your Quality Page, switch the toggle back to the inactive state (gray).

To republish your Quality Page, simply switch the toggle to the active state (green).

Keep in mind that if your website visitors go to an unpublished Quality Page, they will be redirected to the Powered by LiveChat Page.

Quality Page language

The Quality Page has been translated into 45 languages (the same languages as in chat window). The language of the Page matches the one chosen in the chat window settings. To find out how to customize them, see Customizing Quality Page per group section below.

How to change logo/URL/company name

The Quality Page contains your branding details including your company’s logo, name or URL, which are taken from your license settings.

Only Owner and Admins can edit these details in the Company Details Tab (LiveChat Web Application » Click on avatar » choose Company Details from the dropdown) or by contacting our 24/7/365 support.

By default, the Quality Page shows a company name if present. If not, URL is shown.

Customizing Quality Page per group

Quality Page can display your statistics for each group. Each of these pages have separate links and are customized with your groups settings (language, name, logo).

All groups’ Quality Page are published by default. To unpublish the Quality Page for a specific group, head to “Settings” -> “Installation” -> “Quality Page & Badge”. Then pick a group you want to have Quality Page disabled (use the dropdown in the upper-right corner) and switch the toggle back to the inactive state (gray).

Please remember that disabled Quality Page redirects visitors to the Powered by LiveChat Page.

The name, logo and language are taken from the group settings and can be changed if needed.

      1. To change the name, go to “Agents” tab -> “Groups” -> “Edit” and change the name of the group.
      2. To change the group’s language, visit How to modify chat window language article.
      3. To change the group’s logo, head to “Settings” -> “Chat Window” -> “Theme” -> “Advanced window tweaks” (with the specific group selected) -> “Upload logo”.

Future improvements

We’ve created this feature for you so you can show off your awesome customer service and keep your competitors at bay. It’s not an easy job, hence we want to make it even better. We already have a few features on the roadmap:

  • Choosing Quality Page elements
  • Parking your Quality Page within your domain via changing CNAME

If you have any suggestions or feedback – feel free to drop a line to our support or via email.

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