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Reporting options available in LiveChat

by Jacob Firuta

LiveChat offers a wide range of chat and tickets reports. Use them to fine-tune your implementation. The reports will help you spot areas which can be optimized and more efficient.

These reports include:

There are also a couple of report-related features:

Last 7 days report

This report gives you an overview of your LiveChat activities from the last 7 days. You can use it as a reference point when trying to gauge the effectiveness of your support. Learn more…

Last 7 days report in LiveChat

Chats reports

Detailed information about your chats. These reports will tell you how many chat you get, where those chats come from, how long they take, how happy your customers are with the service and when is your LiveChat available. Learn more…

Total chats report in LiveChat

First and average response time reports

Information about the speed with which your agents respond to customers. You can track how long it takes the first reply in a chat and how long in general it takes to get a reply. Learn more…

First response time report

Queue reports

These three reports will tell you how long your average queue is and how many visitors enter and leave the queue. Useful when trying to find out if you need to expand your customer service. Learn more…

Queue waiting time report in LiveChat

Goals report

This report will tell you how much profit you got from your chats. You can set the goals to monitor how much sales you got or check if chat contributed to any other desirable effect. Learn more…

Goals report in LiveChat

Staffing prediction report

Business and Enterprise users can utilize this report to see how many agents will be needed to answer all chats. The report is based on historical data about the number of chats previously received. Learn more…

Staffing prediction report in LiveChat

Incoming tickets reports

These reports will tell you how many and from where you get tickets. Learn more…

Ticket sources report in LiveChat

Ticket response and resolution times reports

These two reports tell you how long your customer have to wait for a first response and the resolution of a ticket. Learn more…

Ticket first response time report in LiveChat

Ticket satisfaction report

Report that shows you how pleased are your customers with the resolution of their tickets. Learn more…

Ticket ratings report

Chat surveys report

If you have any chat surveys set up, this report will tell you what kind of answers you get in your pre-chat and post chat surveys. Learn more…

Pre-chat survey report example

Advanced reporting functions

All reports come with a set of additional features that will help you get precise information on your customers service. The results can be filtered for a particular case type or displayed for a specific time period only. Learn more…

Filtering options available in the reports

Exporting report data

There are two ways you can use to get detailed reporting data from LiveChat.

You can find the Save as CSV under most reports. This option allows you to save the data to a CSV file which you can later open in your Excel.

Saving a report as a CSV file

Another way of extracting data from LiveChat is the Export option available for Business and Enterprise users. Using the Export feature, you can export or schedule a custom report. You can choose which area (Chats, Surveys, Queue abandonment, Goals and Tickets) and time-frame it should cover. You can also choose a file format: CSV, TSV or TSV (Excel).

When subscribing for the Recurring report, each new report will be generated and send to your email at 2:00 am UTC, a day after you have received your first report.
Using the export option in LiveChat

The report will be sent to the specified email after you press the Email report button. The report can be set to recur every day, week or month.

Below, you can find a list of all the information you can get through exportable reports.

The data from Chats report (records for individual chats):

Note that, when exporting your Chats, the report is limited to the latest 100000 records on your LiveChat license. If you have more than 100000 chats on your license and you want to export all of them, you will have to export the Chats report twice.

To do that, please use the Data range: Custom filter and include the data range that covers the first 100000 chats. Then, export another report with the data range that covers the rest of your chats.
  • Conference ID
  • Chat creation date (and timezone)
  • Chat start date (and timezone)
  • Chat start URL (on what page the chat started)
  • Referrer
  • Chat duration (in seconds)
  • Queue duration (in seconds)
  • Visitor’s LiveChat ID
  • Visitor’s name
  • Visitor’s IP
  • Last operator’s ID (the agent that chatted with the visitor previously)
  • Skill
  • Rate
  • Agent’s name
  • Agent’s ID
  • Agent’s timezone
  • Pre-chat survey information
  • Post-chat survey information
  • Greeting URL (on what page the greeting was displayed)
  • Greeting action (the condition that triggered the greeting)
  • Goal name
  • Goal credit
  • Goal date
  • Tags
  • Custom variable name
  • Custom variable value
  • Integration variable name
  • Integration variable value
  • First response time (in seconds)
  • Average response time (in seconds)

Information from the Queue abandonment report:

  • Conference ID
  • Queue start time (and timezone)
  • Queue duration (in seconds)
  • Queue start URL
  • Skill
  • Visitor’s LiveChat ID
  • Visitor’s name
  • Visitor’s IP
  • Pre-chat survey information
  • Custom variable name
  • Custom variable value
  • Integration variable name
  • Integration variable value

Information you can get by exporting the Goals report:

  • Goal ID
  • Goal name
  • Conference ID
  • Chat start date (and timezone)
  • Goal achievement date (and timezone)
  • Agent’s ID
  • Skill
  • URL (where was the goal triggered)
  • Order ID (additional information that can be added to the goal via API)
  • Order description (additional information that can be added to the goal via API)
  • Order price (additional information that can be added to the goal via API)
  • Order currency (additional information that can be added to the goal via API)
  • Custom variable name
  • Custom variable value

The Tickets report will give you the following information when extracted:

  • Ticket ID
  • Ticket creation date (and timezone)
  • Requester name
  • Requester email
  • Skill
  • Rate
  • Assignee’s name
  • Assignee’s ID
  • Status
  • Subject
  • Source
  • Source URL
  • First response date (and timezone)
  • Used tags

Rest API documentation

You can create custom reports by pulling LiveChat data using our Rest API. The API is fully documented, which will make the task easy. Simply create a request and save the results to a file that can be later on interpreted using Excel.

If you are not familiar with using APIs, we have an introductory article ready.

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