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Resources that will teach you everything about LiveChat. Add LiveChat to your Selz store

by Mateusz Pliszka

Start chatting with users visiting your store. Install live chat and engage your visitors with automated greetings, selling more products via chat conversations.


  1. First, Log into or set up your account at LiveChat. You can use a 30-day free trial to test it.
Selz register to livechat
  1. Copy the piece of code from your LiveChat account located in Chat widget section (CMD+C for Mac or CTRL+C for Windows).
Selz copy LiveChat code
  1. Log in to your account and go to Store -> Installed themes section.
Selz enter installed themes section
  1. To edit the code of the theme, you will first need to duplicate it.
Selz duplicate theme
  1. Publish the duplicated theme as your main one and start editing its HTML/CSS code.
Selz edit code
  1. Enter the theme.liquid layout.
Selz edit theme liquid
  1. Paste the previously copied LiveChat code, right before the closing /body tag and click “Save” to update the template.
Selz paste code
  1. Start using LiveChat installed at your store.
Selz chat installed

Done! You have just installed LiveChat on your page. To start chatting with your store’s visitors, login to the LiveChat web app or download a dedicated desktop application.

Set-up automated greetings and welcome your visitors on your store’s product pages. Provide the best customer service to your visitors and sell more products using chat!

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