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Install LiveChat on your website

by Jacob Firuta

Getting started with LiveChat is a simple process that doesn’t require much of your time. Follow the guidelines below and add live chat to your website within minutes!

  • Installation – learn how to manually install LiveChat on website;
  • Integrations – check out the list of platforms that LiveChat integrates with;
  • What’s next? – see what else can you achieve with LiveChat!
If you need additional help with implementing or staffing LiveChat on your website, be sure to check out our Experts page.


To start off, click here to create a free, 30-day LiveChat trial. We do not require any credit card, so you are free to test it out on your website or in your app without any commitments!

After setting up a trial, we will take you to a page guiding you through LiveChat installation. Here, you can choose to implement LiveChat on your own…

Implement live chat on your website

… or send the installation instructions to your website developer.

Send the instructions to your website developer

If you decided to add LiveChat on your own, simply copy the code to clipboard. Now, paste it just before the closing ‹/body› tag of your website’s source code.

Don’t want to install LiveChat right away? Don’t worry! You can always do that later, by going to Chat Widget section.
Copy the live chat code to clipboard

If everything went fine you will find the chat at the bottom right side of your website.

We love integrations!

Running your website on platforms like WordPress or Shopify? You can skip the manual installation and go with one of the available integrations instead!

Integrate LiveChat with the most popular systems on the market!

We offer a variety of those, together with the step-by-step tutorials guiding you through the live chat installation process. Click here to check out the full list of available integrations!

What’s next?

You can receive your support emails as tickets by setting up email forwarding. This allows you to manage all your support activities in one place.

Looking for additional information on how to create the best customer service out there? Our Knowledge Base is a rich source of information, helping you with achieving your goal! Learn how to utilize your newly acquired tool to its fullest potential.

We have also prepared a dedicated resource for all live chat agents. Agent’s Handbook will guide reps through basic LiveChat functions and give a selection of good customer service practices.

You can also learn more about benefits coming from our desktop and mobile apps or read an article that will teach you how to get more chats with your customers.

Got any questions? Don’t hesitate to start a chat with us – our support team is available 24/7/365!
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