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Protect your LiveChat using trusted domains

by Justyna Janowska

Since all Internet browsers let users view your site’s source code, it means that anyone can lay their eyes on your LiveChat code. Some spammers may even want to copy it and paste to another site just to flood your chat with bad traffic, spam your agents with irrelevant questions and clog your visitor’s list.

The good news is that you can protect your LiveChat code from being added to unauthorized sites by creating a list of trusted domains.

Using trusted domains, you can create a list of domains which you know and trust. Only those domains will be allowed to implement your chat. If someone tries to add your chat to any website outside your trusted list, it simply won’t work there.

How to trust a domain?

This security feature is available in all LiveChat plans. As an admin, you can create a list of trusted domains at any time. When you first create the list, you will be asked to specify domains allowed to use your tracking code. Your chat will only work when loaded on one of these trusted domains.

The setup takes just a few minutes. When you first use this feature, the setup wizard will guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up your trusted domains.

  1. From your LiveChat panel, go to the Trusted domains section, which you’ll find under the Security tab
livechat trusted domains
  1. In the first step, you will be asked to specify which domains you want to trust. Enter your domain in the box and click Trust.
adding livechat trusted domains

To trust multiple domains, click +Add another domain and repeat the above steps for each additional domain.

adding more trusted domains to livechat

If we detect your tracking code on any domain, you will see an additional step where we’ll list such domains and ask you to review them. Before hitting continue, please go through the list and discard any domain that you are not familiar with.

livechat code detected on trusted domains
  1. When you are done, click Continue to proceed to another step.
  2. Next, you will see an overview of all domains selected in the previous steps. Check the list for mistakes. If you need to correct anything go back to the previous step.
  3. If you are OK with the list, finish the setup hitting Enable trusted domains.
enabling livechat trusted domains

Well done! Your LiveChat tracking code is now protected and will only work on your trusted domains.

Make sure to update the list whenever you want to install the LiveChat tracking code on a new website because the code won’t work anywhere but your trusted domains. If you need to delete any domain, simply hover your mouse over it and click on delete

deleting livechat trusted domains

How it works?

Trusting a domain creates a trust relationship between this domain and its subdomains.

Trusting the main domain

If your website has multiple subdomains, you can trust all of them at once by simply adding the main domain to the trusted list.

It’s especially useful if you have several language versions of your website, such as for English, for Spanish or for French. You don’t have to add each subdomain to your trusted list. It’s enough to trust the core domain to automatically trust all the language versions too.

Trusting only a subdomain

On the other hand, if you trust only one subdomain, it will NOT trust its main domain nor other subdomains of this domain.

For example, if you only trust the english subdomain, it won’t trust, nor nor Adding to the list will, however, automatically trust all subsequent levels of this subdomain, such as or and so on.

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