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Why I should set up chat greetings

by Justyna Kraszewska

Greetings pop up on your site, encouraging visitors to talk to you. They are an online version of approaching a customer in a physical store and asking if any help is needed. You decide who, where and when will get invited. And LiveChat does the rest.

LiveChat Greetings

Each message can be personalized, so it helps to achieve your customer acquisition goals. What’s more, greetings show agent’s photo to make the experience more natural and engaging for your site’s visitors.

In this article:

Benefits of using greetings

  • get more chats – the more personalized and targeted your chat invitation is, the higher the possibility of chatting with visitors;
  • turn visitors into customersaccording to our report, visitors invited to chat are 6.3 times more likely to convert into customers than the ones who don’t chat; 61% of those customers convert within the first chat;
  • increase customer satisfaction – your customer will leave your site happy and willing to return; they can tell their friends and colleagues about the great experience they had, gaining you some new visitors;
  • sell more – the more chances you have, the higher number of buyers you will eventually get.
This feature is available in all our plans. Users of Team and Business plans can set up plenty of greetings and users of Starter plan can create one greeting only.

Types of greetings

Greetings can be displayed in two different ways, depending on what minimized window you use (you can change minimized window type in Settings → Chat window → Customization →Appearance):

  • if you use a bar, greetings are displayed as an open chat widget;
Bar greeting
  • if you use a bubble, greetings show a picture of an agent with a message above it.
Bubble greeting

Customize greetings

Creating and editing greetings is really simple and takes very little time. Follow the tutorials below to learn how to do it.

LiveChat comes with twenty-four prefabricated greetings. They are especially helpful when you’ve just started with LiveChat. You can edit and substitute them so they work best for your business.

Add a greeting

  1. Go to the Settings → Engagement → Greetings. Then, click on Add new greeting.
Add a new greeting in LiveChat
  1. Choose a condition which should be met for this greeting to pop up (you can choose a variant of the condition, change the condition or add an additional one in the next step).
Types of greeting conditions
  1. Enter a message of the greeting.
Greeting message editor
  1. If you want to choose a different variant of the condition (or change the condition altogether) click on the dropdown and choose one of the options from the list.
Change trigger condition of a greeting
  1. Specify details of the condition.
Greeting condition details
  1. It is also possible to add another condition that triggers a greeting (note that all the conditions need to be met for the greeting to be triggered).
Adding another condition to a greeting
  1. Finally, click on Add a greeting to save it.
Saving a greeting
LiveChat triggers one greeting per one visitor’s session. Please note that a visitor of your page will be invited to chat with the first greeting for which conditions are fulfilled.

If you want to ask your customers for their details after they are greeted, learn how to set pre-chat survey after greetings.

Change name of a greeting

To change a name of a greeting follow these steps:

  1. Choose a greeting you want to edit.
Choosing a greeting to change its name
  1. Enter a new or edit the existing name of a greeting.
Change name of a greeting
  1. To finilize, click on Save changes
Save name of a greeting

Turn on/off a greeting

First, go to the Settings → Engagement → Greetings. Then, all you need to do to turn on/off a greeting is to change the switch next to it.

  • the switch is greyed out – the greeting is off;
  • the switch is highlighted in green – the greeting is on.
Turn on and off greetings

Delete a greeting

Follow these steps to delete a greeting:

  1. First, go to the Settings → Engagement → Greetings. Then, choose a greeting you want to delete.
Choosing a greeting to delete
  1. Click on Delete the greeting in the top right corner.
Deleting a greeting in LiveChat
  1. Finally, click on Delete to confirm.
Delete greeting confirmation page

Greeting conditions

You can create very specific chat greetings by setting up certain conditions for them. Try starting with a single condition. You can always add more of them later to make the greeting even more effective.

You can set up several conditions for one greeting. Remember that the rules are compound statements joined with the “and” connector, so all the conditions of a particular greeting have to be met for this greeting to pop up.

The following conditions regarding visitors’ actions on your site are available:

  • time on the website – displayed to visitors when they spend a given time on your website;
  • time on the current page – displayed to visitors when they spend a given time on the current page;
  • current page address – sent when a customer lands on a page specified in the condition;
  • any visited page address – triggered when customer lands on any page that meets the condition ;
  • user visited following pages – displayed when customer visited pages specified in the condition;
  • user visted at least – triggered when customer visited at least a number of pages specified in the condition ;
  • referring website address – sent when a customer enters your page by following a link placed on another page;
  • user’s country or city is – issued to customers from a specific country or city;
  • user is a first time visitor – sent to visitors who entered your page for the first time;
  • user returned to your website – fired up for visitors who came back to your page;
  • search keyword is – triggered when a customer comes to your webpage from a search engine that supports passing keywords;
  • custom variable – based on custom parameters.
Note that the keyword parameter is currently passed over only by the Bing search engine. Other popular engines like Google or Yahoo! Search are no longer passing over users’ keywords.

Create engaging greetings

You should try to create interesting and engaging chat greetings to achieve the best effects. Try creating two separate greeting messages with the same conditions and run them both for one month each. After the test period, you will see which text is more successful and gets you more chats.

We got really good results with a customized greeting on our contact page. See how we got the idea and how much it improved our support on our blog.

You can further enhance your chat window with eye-catchers. See how to enable the eye-catcher to get more chats.

Difference between greetings and welcome messages

Greetings are very similar to welcome messages sent to visitors when the chat starts. Both greetings and welcome messages are displayed as the first message in the chat.

However, greetings are more proactive while welcome messages are entirely passive. Welcome messages are displayed when visitors start the chat on their own by clicking on a chat bar or a button. Greetings are sent out automatically when the greeting’s conditions are met.

Additionally, you can have several greetings set up simultaneously while you can have only one welcome set up at a time (but you can set up different welcome messages for different groups).

Welcome message can be customized in the Settngs → Chat window → Language.

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