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Why should I set up chat greetings

by Justyna Kraszewska

As an up-to-date business leader you should keep track of new technologies. But even if your sales is exclusively Internet-based, you can still learn from observing how customer service works in brick-and-mortars.

Imagine you need to buy a gift, so you walk into a boutique to see what’s on. While you’re browsing through the offer, the shop assistant observes you discretely. She’s good at it and after a few minutes she knows exactly what you may be looking for, even before you do. So she approaches to offer you help.

Even if you’d rather shop on your own, you are left with the feeling that if you eventually need help, the customer adviser is there for you.

Greetings are an online version of such approach – they pop-up on your site inviting customers to chat when they need it the most.

LiveChat greeting on a page

You can personalize the greeting message and add agent’s photo to make the experience more natural and engaging.

This feature is available in all our plans. Users of Team and Business plans can set up plenty of greetings and users of Starter plan can create one greeting only.

With greetings, you will:

  • Get more chats – the more personalized and targeted your chat invitation is, the higher the possibility of chatting with visitors
  • Turn visitors into customersaccording to our report, visitors invited to chat are 6.3 times more likely to convert into customers than the ones who don’t chat; 61% of those customers convert within the first chat
  • Increase customer satisfaction – your customer will leave your site happy and willing to return; they can tell their friends and colleagues about the great experience they had, gaining you some new visitors
  • Sell more – the more chances you have, the higher number of buyers you will eventually get
According to Forrester Research, proactive chats will increase your return on investment (ROI): reactive chat will produce only 15% of ROI, while incremental will be 105%.

Creating a greeting

Creating a chat greeting is a simple and quick process. Follow the steps below to create your first custom greeting:

  1. Go to the Greetings section of your LiveChat panel.
  2. Click on Set up more greetings. A list of available greeting types will come up.
Creating a customized greeting in LiveChat
There are three default greetings:
– first one is set up to activate after 20 seconds (on),
– second one is dedicated to returning visitors (on),
– third one is for visitors that visited at least 5 pages (off).
Feel free to edit or substitute them. You can also add more conditions.
  1. Choose the greeting type.
Selecting a condition for a new greetin

In this example, greeting for specific pages will be discussed.

  1. Click on the text box under Greeting message and compose the invitation.
  2. Set up the conditions which should be met for this greeting to pop up.
Finalizing the greeting creation

Our example greeting is set to fire up for visitors who entered a page which has promo string in its URL; e.g.

  1. Once you are happy with it, click on Add a greeting button to save it.
LiveChat triggers one greeting per one visitor’s session. Please note that a visitor of your page will be invited to chat with the first greeting for which conditions are fulfilled.

If you want to ask your customers for their details after they are greeted, learn how to set pre-chat survey after greetings.

Setting the rules

You can create very specific chat greetings by setting up certain conditions for them. You should always start off with a single greeting type, defined by one condition. You can add more conditions to it to make it even more effective. The following conditions regarding visitors’ actions on your site are available:

  • certain amount of time spent on site
    – displayed to visitors when they spend a given time on your page
  • looking up a keyword
    – triggered when a customer comes to your webpage from a search engine that supports passing keywords
  • first time visit to your site
    – sent to visitors who entered your page for the first time
  • visitor returning to your site
    – fired up for visitors who came back to your page
  • specific country or location
    – issued to customers from a specific country or city
  • accessing specific page
    – pop up for visitors who landed on a page defined in greeting conditions
  • visitor arrived from a referring page
    – sent when a customer enters your page by following a link placed on another page
  • in sync with code or API
    – based on custom parameters
You can set up several conditions for one greeting. Remember that the rules are compound statements joined with the “and” connector, so all the conditions of a particular greeting have to be met for this greeting to pop up.

Create engaging greetings

You should try to create interesting and engaging chat greetings to achieve the best effects. Try creating two separate greeting messages with the same conditions and run them both for one month each. After the test period, you will see which text is more successful and gets you more chats.

Be more personal by including the agent’s name in the greeting message. Simply add the following props %agent% to the greeting text. When a greetings is triggered, the %agent% bit will be replaced with the name of an agent who is assigned to the chat according to routing rules.

We got really good results with a customized greeting on our contact page. See how we got the idea and how much it improved our support on our blog.

You can further enhance your chat window with eye-catchers. See how to enable the eye-catcher to get more chats.

Learn more about using greetings from our Chat greetings efficiency report and Infographic. You can also watch our Tips and Tricks webinar.

Difference between greetings and welcome messages

Greetings are very similar to welcome messages sent to visitors when the chat starts. Both greetings and welcome messages are displayed as the first message in the chat.

However, greetings are more proactive while welcome messages are entirely passive. Welcome messages are displayed when visitors start the chat on their own by clicking on a chat bar or a button. Greetings are sent out automatically when the greeting’s conditions are met.

Additionally, you can have several greetings set up simultaneously while you can have only one welcome set up at a time (but you can set up different welcome messages for different groups).

Welcome message can be customized in the Language section in the panel.

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