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Live chat software comparison

Long feature lists don’t make good products.

Comparing live chat software

While looking for a perfect live chat tool, you might have seen a lot of live chat software comparisons. Providers tend to go overboard with these comparisons, listing more and more features. Read on to learn more about such comparisons and learn if adding to a product can make it worse.

Long comparison charts

Live chat software comparison charts can be used as an easy source of information on particular live chat solutions. Usually, providers that offer the most functions tend to be first, while companies with less available features are the runner-ups.

Unnecessary features can be a burden

Unnecessary features can be a burden to a live chat agent.

Some functions do look good in the listing. However, when you start testing them out, they feel lackluster or not needed.

Providers keep adding more and more functions to their product without considering the consequences and trying to predict how it will affect the product. Their actions seem to be dictated by the more-is-better philosophy.

Instead of multiplying available functions, they should allocate more time and resources towards testing the product and making sure that it’s easy in use.

Stack ’em high

When constantly trying to improve upon or adding to an existing product, it is easy to forget what live chat is all about: chatting with customers.

Adding more and more functions that are not really overlapping with the idea of live chat can lead to a situation where product’s usability is sacrificed in favor of available functions.

They all look great on paper. Who wouldn’t want a solution that you can use to chat, call customer, video chat, translate your answers, answer for you with automated scripts and even respond in your stead? With this type of thinking, live chats are becoming this:

Live chat comparisons are filled with overcomplicated products

Too many features destabilize the product

We propose something quite different. Instead of overloading our product with additional features, we want to provide something that is easy to use and intuitive. We are even ready to sacrifice some fringe functions for the sake of the core elements of live chat.

Creating simple products first

It is funny how innovation in this type of market switched from creating loads of new features to getting rid of them. The philosophy behind this move is simple: create a product that will fulfill its function well.

When providers try to add to this, they start to create not one but a few different products that are fused together and compete witch each other. These kinds of hybrids can look good on live chat comparison charts, however, they don’t fare to well in action.

LiveChat comparisons

We’ve prepared short and sweet comparison of LiveChat and its alternatives with the key takeaways on the differences between those tools. Check LiveChat comparison with Intercom, Zopim, LivePerson, PureChat, and Olark.

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