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Why live chat software reviews suck?

How live chat providers buy their way to good reviews.

The feature rat race in live chat software reviews

It is common for live chat providers to pile up function upon function on the already over-saturated product.

This leads to the creation of special chat software reviews that point out which provider is the real number one and who are the underdogs. The author of the listing is obviously the said number one.

Bribing for the first place in live chat software reviews

Live chat providers often buy the top places in live chat software reviews.

Be the number one (and pay for it)

If you ever researched various live chats, you most likely encountered one of these listings. They compare a couple solutions, usually in the form of comparison table, and name one victor.

The problem with such live chat software opinions is that these reviews are completely useless.

Yes, you heard it here first. These type of reviews have nothing to do with facts. They don’t show you the best live chat software, but only deal in fiction.

Paying for the first place in live chat software reviews

High places in live chat reviews come at a cost.

The process of creating such lists is really simple. Reviews site owners send a number of e-mails to various live chat providers and the bidding for the first place begins. If you don’t bid, you will probably appear in the review, however, forget about getting the first place.

These money lists are a hoax. With a little research, you can discover that they can be very far from the actual truth or are very selective with the type of information provided. They manipulate visitors into thinking that there is only one correct choice: the company that sponsored the listing.

Types of live chat software reviews

There are a few live chat reviews types. We can divide them into the following:

  • Money lists – those who pay more get placed higher, TopTen Reviews being is a perfect example of such listing.
  • Sponsored reports – a report that usually looks very professional and informative, usually commissioned by a sister company to preserve the premise of objectivity, like Live Chat Comparison 2012.
  • Social lists – the most credible out of the three, they are based around users’ opinions, e.g. SocialCompare.

Apart from the social lists, there is no real reason to believe any of the information provided by these sources since they are completely subjective and presented in a way that favors the companies sponsoring particular reviews.

Avoid getting scammed

There is a really simple way to really see which solution is the best fit for your company: testing. Although it takes a bit more time and you might need to try a couple of providers, you will find a live chat that fits your company perfectly.

Try running a few solutions for a week or two. This should be enough to give you a good idea how it works and whether you’d like to use it or not. In time, this will seem like a small investment if you find a live chat worth staying with. Sometimes, two hours of testing will be enough to never go back to certain solutions.

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