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BotEngine Integration

by LiveChat

Integrate LiveChat with BotEngine to get a customer service chat bot!


What is BotEngine?

BotEngine is a bot building tool. It lets you create a chatbot, which will answer simple questions of your visitors. For example, you can use it to handle barber appointments or food orders. You can connect BotEngine with your website as a widget, integrate with Facebook Messanger or use via LiveChat. It is available 24/7. It can handle 500 conversations at the same moment. If a user asks too tricky questions, a bot will redirect him to the real agent.


What benefits does BotEngine Integration provide?

Use chatbots for repetitive tasks

Build chatbots for everyday consumer requests and improve customer experiences, such as accessing the latest news updates, booking tickets, ordering food or weather.

Say 'Hello' to automation!

Handle more support cases and automate repetitive scenarios! And when the bot faces a problem it can’t solve, it will transfer the chat straight to you.

Work smarter and more efficiently

Automate tedious tasks with chatbots so you can focus fully on providing an exceptional customer service.


Features of BotEngine Integration

Create your personal bot factory!

Signing up - that all it takes to create your personal bot factory! Integrate LiveChat with BotEngine and create your personal assistant, responsible for taking care of less difficult questions from your customers. Keep the bot busy, so that you can focus on more important matters – closing more deals.

Direct stories like you always wanted to!

Your personal Bot Factory now comes with advanced Story interface. Now you can predict your customers' behavior and make sure that your bot will be ready for whatever your customers will throw at him!


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