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CS-Cart Integration

by LiveChat

Add LiveChat to your CS-Cart store to save your shopping carts. Solve customer problems in real-time, offer guidance and bring your sales up thanks to unique customer service.


What is CS-Cart?

CS-Cart is a downloadable e-commerce platform that helps to build multiple storefronts. Shops created thanks to this tools are SEO-optimized, user-friendly and work fast. The solution provides an intuitive and easily navigated administration panel that equips you with useful features to help your store grow. Thanks to a drag & drop editor, you don’t need to have developer skills to arrange elements on your site. The product management system lets you easily organize products and manage features. Also, you can create different layouts for one page and make changes without damaging the layout using the export-import feature. CS-Cart supports cross-selling and offers such tools as Bestsellers, On-Sale or Customers Also Bought that help to attract more customers. Moreover, the built-in marketing system allows you to offer discounts or loyalty bonuses that increase sales. In addition, CS-Cart fosters multi-channel selling. You can place your store widget on other sites or blogs to reach more potential clients. CS-Cart software supports 70 payment services (PayPal, First Data, 2Checkout, etc.), 8 shipping methods (DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.) and offers Flexible Tax Management. The software has a large user community and provides a developer API that allows you build extensions and get information about products or orders. In case of any technical problems, you can also count on 24/7 support center.


What benefits does CS-Cart Integration provide?

Increase order value

LiveChat enables you to learn about clients’ needs and preferences. Thanks to this knowledge, you can recommend products that would meet their expectations and increase the cart value.

Accelerate your work

With LiveChat, you can make agents’ work far easier. With canned responses and message sneak-peeks, your support team can find and send answers in a snap. That’s to say; an efficient support team can close more cases and satisfy a larger number of clients.

Measure your goals

Setting and achieving goals is a crucial part of the business. With LiveChat, you can set your goals and be sure the app will let you know every time a goal has been reached. You will know how much you earn thanks to chatting and which agents close the biggest number of deals.


Features of CS-Cart Integration

Revolutionize your working environment

By integrating CS-Cart with LiveChat, you can provide unbroken support and solve cases from every place at any moment. Choose your favorite device or a best-loved site and add a new dimension to your support activities.

Set your goals

Integrate CS-Cart with LiveChat and finally determine your objectives like sales or sign-ups. The software will closely monitor all your chats and inform you about achieved goals. Keep your eyes open and learn what you can gain thanks to chatting!

Get rid of cart abandonment

Plenty of clients are on the verge of buying when they encounter obstacles that hold them back from closing a purchase. LiveChat comes to the rescue and lets you save your sales. Place chat buttons and eye-catchers on your site to inform visitors about your presence. By sending personalized chat invitations, you can act as a real shop-assistant who delivers support and solves problems in real time.


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