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FullContact Integration

by LiveChat

Get additional information on your visitors during chats using the FullContact app.


What is FullContact?

The FullContact API suite allows your business to gather more information about customers and leads. This software lookups information about a specific person or company. It connects data keys associated with a persons email address, phone number, company domain or social profiles and returns a complete customer profile. After gathering information, FullContact stores contacts securely. From here, it keeps these profiles up-to-date with monthly or daily updates. By monitoring public social media and photos, FullContact’s activity log feature keeps feeding new information back into stored contact profiles.


What benefits does FullContact Integration provide?

Make personalization a priority in customer service

Easily access all of the publicly-available information the customer, such as their social media profiles -- then use that data to provide more personalized support.

Leverage the personal information to aid sales

Access valuable information on your visitors straight from the LiveChat agent app.

Win more returning customers

With live chat, you can have a direct contact with the customer that allows you to maintain and improve loyalty to your brand.


Features of FullContact Integration

Gain some insight on your customers straight from the chat!

Gain additional info like for which organization is your customers working for and what is he responsible for in his job. All that it takes is your customers' email and we will take care of the rest.

Easy installation

Don't get yourself busy with the installation process – with our step-by-step tutorial and straight-forward settings panel, all you have to do is copy and paste your API key. It's that simple!


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