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Gold-Vision Integration

by Gold-Vision

Display Gold-Vision information about your customers straight in your LiveChat window and create new CRM records from your chats.


What is Gold-Vision?

Gold-Vision is a highly configurable CRM software. It unifies sales and marketing across all industries. The platform is fully featured, covering all aspects of customer support, projects, event management, and dashboard reporting. Users can integrate with many day-to-day essentials including Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, Eventbrite, social media networks, and of course LiveChat. Gold-Vision also includes various sales and team management tools that give you a clear perspective on how leads are performing. Users can capture data automatically from website forms, LiveChat or IP tracking tools. Gold-Vision lets users define touch points to score leads, and get a live view of the pipeline. Finally, sales automation features enhance the sales process with reminders, deadlines, and follow-ups.


What benefits does Gold-Vision Integration provide?

Close more deals and make your pipeline more manageable

Capture leads on a big scale and strengthen relationships through live chats.

Personalize communication and better nurture your leads

Relevant CRM information such as company name, last order and phone number is displayed directly in the chat window so you know offer more personalized, informed service from the start.

Build trusting relationships with customers through live chat

With live chat, you can have a direct contact with the customer that allows you to maintain and improve loyalty to your brand.


Features of Gold-Vision Integration

Create full picture of your customers and leads

Display Gold-Vision information about your customers straight in your LiveChat window. With no need to switch between your tabs you can focus on your customers, providing them with a quality support that they deserve!

Create new CRM records from your chats

Just gained a new customer via chat? That's great! Now you can create a new record for him, straight during a chat conversation – no need to leave your LiveChat.


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