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Google Tag Manager Integration

by LiveChat

Add LiveChat to all your sites easily using Google Tag Manager.


What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager lets you add and update tags to your website for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and others. Sometimes it can take weeks to get the website updated, and you need a developer to do it, with this tool there's no need to wait that long. Now you can update tags in a minute, with one click and without a programmer. What is more, you are able to set up rules on which pages certain code works and when. For example, you can show a popup for checkout pages on your store with the rule that it's only visible on desktop devices. Furthermore, Google Tag Manager supports version control and permissions. It means that you as the admin can control who added code, when and what it was.


What benefits does Google Tag Manager Integration provide?

Quickly deploy LiveChat using Google Tag Manager

Install LiveChat in using Google Tag Manager in no time, and focus on what matter the most - growing your business by providing an exceptional customer service through live chat.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

Competitive advantage can be obtained by managing your products more efficiently and having good relationships with customers. With LiveChat, you can communicate with your customers in a channel they prefer while providing a superior customer experience.

Deliver a more personalized customer experience

From being on a first name basis with the customer to adding your company’s logo to the chat window — you can provide a much better customer experience.


Features of Google Tag Manager Integration

Add LiveChat to your website in an instant.

Using Google Tag Manager to manage the content of your website? You can now integrate it with LiveChat as well, not only adding a chat to your website in an instant but also integrate it with our Google Analytics integration. Because life should be simple.

Pre-configured tag

With our pre-configured tag there's no need to configure anything. All you have to do is to provide us with your GTM ID and we'll prepare everything for you – it's that simple!


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