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Octoboard Integration

by Octoboard

Integrate LiveChat with Octoboard to present your chat data in an easy way.


What is Octoboard?

Octoboard is a data visualization platform for building and sharing real-time social media and business dashboards. With a dashboard in Octoboard you gain insights into your most important data and performance metrics, and store them in one place in order to make quick decisions. Once connected to your data sources you’ll quickly be able to create meaningful data visualizations, and monitor things like your social media engagement, paid advertising.


What benefits does Octoboard Integration provide?

Improve the customer experience using the chat data

Store everything in one place and spot areas that can be improved through detailed reports.

Set goals and measure progress

Collect data from LiveChat and other cloud apps and focus your team around company goals and KPIs displayed in a dashboard.


Features of Octoboard Integration

Efortless installation

All that it takes is a single visit to Octoboard's marketplace and your good to go – integrate LiveChat with Octoboard with one of the most effortless integrations available!

LiveChat related data right where you want them

With LiveChat for Octoboard you can easily track the actions around your LiveChat integration. See how often your customers start a chat with you or receive messages from your agents – all of that under Woopra dashboard, right where you want them!


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