Save time on searching for products by sending product cards in your chat conversations.


With LiveChat Product Cards for e-commerce, you can show off your offers right in the chat window. No need to drive a customer to another page. The app allows for adding a Product Cards section in the LiveChat agent app. The cards available in the section are matched with your store's offers and consist of an image, description, and a link to a product page. When a customer asks you for a product recommendation, all you need to do to find the best item is to open the section and search for it applying filters. After finding the best matches, you can choose up to 10 cards and send it to a customer on chat. In effect, customers can easily browse items in LiveChat without jumping between tabs. NOTE: to use this app you are required to set up a backend service - contact your developer before purchasing. Click on 'Configuration tutorial' link to access the documentation.

Key Features

Simple search

To search for products offered by your store or stores, you just need to click on the Product Cards icon placed in the Chats section. Then use a simple search, choose a store you want to selects products from, and type the product's name or the category. The best matches for your client will appear in the app in a flash, and you can make use of them to create personalized recommendations.

Multi-product selection

LiveChat Product Cards allow for uploading and sending up to 10 cards. If you want to recommend more offers to customers, just upload a new set of cards and send them in the next message.

Key Benefits

Send personalized recommendations on chat

With Product Cards, you can offer personalized service and speed up the shopping process. In turn, customers quickly get what they need and feel they are taken care off.

Provide great shopping experience

Referring customers to multiple product pages breaks the chatting experience. With LiveChat Product Cards, you have a bigger chance to keep a person in the chat window, assist them throughout the purchasing process, and support the conversation. It's a great way to open up new sales and put a smile on your customers face!

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