Regos Notes

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A simple app to make notes about recurring customers. Helper for collaboration with other Agents.


Regos Notes app enables agents to add private notes about visitors. Notes are scoped to the agent's team, so that it's a sort of shared base of knowledge for agents to know more about the visitor they are supporting. Agents will be able to create, edit and mark notes as favorite.

Key Features

Add notes scoped to agents teams

Separate the notes about your customers based on the agent's team,

Set notes as favorite

If a note is important, just give it a star! It will place it on top of the list.

Create, edit and delete notes as needed

If you want to share something about a customer, just write it down and you'll team will be able to see it the next time!

Key Benefits

Extend your users profile in no-time

Save notes about anything and help your team to know more about the user for future sessions.

Reduce back and forth time

Your team will have the extra context needed just in a glance

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