Save your chats to Trello.


Trello Chat Saver is an application that allows sending chats collected in LiveChat to Trello. It also enables you to send chat transcripts to any email address. Trello is a project management application and collaboration system. It helps you organize your projects and keep track of all tasks that are planned, in progress or have just been completed. What's more, Trello enables you to comfortably collaborate with other team members and discuss work-related matters in real-time. It lets you assign tasks to different people and send notifications informing users about the updates.

Key Features

Save chats to Trello

With Trello Chat Saver, you can send chats collected in LiveChat and save them in Trello. Just pick your board, set the card title, and it’s done. You can name all saved conversations so that you can easily find them later.

Send chat transcripts to your email

Trello Chat Saver lets you send chat transcripts to any email address. From now on, you won't lose any important conversation again.

Key Benefits

Offer swift customer support

The wide range of chat tools provided by LiveChat allows serving clients much faster. React to problems when they occur and delight customers with effective assistance.

Increase customer satisfaction

Troubled customers count on fast answers. With LiveChat, you can easily provide solutions wherever you are. Just log on your mobile device, solve problems on the go and please more customers with your swift actions.

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