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Allow customers to start a live chat with your support team by scanning a QR code.

Details is a simple solution that allows your customers to reach out to your support agents from the real world. Basically, clients can initiate a live chat with just one tap using an NFC-enabled phone or scanning a QR code. You can print as many QR codes and place them on your products, labels, manuals and any other marketing materials. What's more, thanks your customers will have easier access to your help. Use this opportunity to solve their problems, educate them about your products and in efffect, close more deals.

Key Features

Tap & chat

Reduce to the minimum the number of steps your customers need to do to contact you. Let them start a live chat with just one tap.

A unique communication channel

With you can provide support to your real-world users and be in touch with your customers.

Key Benefits

Win more returning customers

With LiveChat, you can have a direct contact with a customer that allows you to maintain and improve loyalty to your brand.

Increase the number of chats

Generate more chats and be there for your customers, anytime, anywhere.

Offer customers immediate access to help

Customers want a fast response time to their queries and problems. With LiveChat, you can offer real-time help, ensuring more sales and customer satisfaction in the process.

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