Chat with website visitors in real time and boost website engagement.
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Chat with website visitors in real time and boost website engagement.

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Add a live chat feature to your Unbounce website and enable your clients to contact you via the most popular communication channel. React to problems in real time and build customer trust. Unbounce is a landing page builder that provides everything you need to create a website and capture potential customers. The tool comes with over 125 templates. All of these are mobile-friendly and conversion optimized. You can choose one or start building your landing page from scratch. Unbounce provides the drag-and-drop editor to make customization process as smooth as possible — no coding required. To be sure that your pages look great on any device you can toggle between mobile and desktop views. What's more, you can A/B test your pages and check which variant has the best conversion rate. If you want to achieve more from your paid campaigns, you are able to use Dynamic Text Replacement feature. It swaps out selected keywords to match what your potential customers are searching. Thanks to this tool, your copy will be consistently relevant - it means better AdWords Quality Score and potentially more deals.


See the setup instructions on how to properly configure this app with your LiveChat account.

Key Features

Seamless installation
With just a few easy steps you can add LiveChat to your landing pages. Simply copy the LiveChat snippet and paste it over to your Unboucne panel. If that's not enough, we are throwing a tutorial, guiding you through the whole implementation process. We like to make things easy!
Chat engaging features
LiveChat is equipped with eye-catchers: simple yet beautiful images that will catch your visitors' eye and keep them informed that your help is just a click away. And if you won't like one of ours, feel free to design and upload your own.
The ticketing system for 24/7 service
WIth LiveChat, you not only get a powerful chat feature but also a free of any additional charges ticketing system – because we know that your customers like to be covered 24/7!
Chat surveys
Gather feedback in chat surveys and find out what is going through your clients' heads. Ask specific questions or introduce your rating system. Thanks to LiveChat, you can have a viable insight into customers’ needs and can tailor your efforts to deliver personalized service.
LiveChat can detect when visitors take certain actions on your website and issue chat invitations based on these actions. For example, you can send a personalized invitation to a visitor who has seen several of your help pages or contact a person who visited you for the first time.


Engage with browsing visitors before they click away
All website visitors are essentially sales opportunities. Once installed, LiveChat makes it easy for you to communicate with browsing visitors, build better relationships, and close more deals.
LiveChat aims to convert customers quickly and easily
Customers want a fast response time to their queries and problems. With LiveChat, you can offer real-time help, ensuring more sales and customer satisfaction in the process.
Make your business more human with live chat
From being on a first name basis with the customer to adding your company’s logo to the chat window — you can provide a much better customer experience.
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  • This integration is free to use
  • < 50 teams are using it
  • CMS
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