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Upscope Integration

by LiveChat

The no-download effortless screen sharing for LiveChat.


What is Upscope?

Make supporting your toughest, most confused, non-tech customers a breeze by instantly seeing their screen while live chatting. Without downloads and in one click, see what they see, move their mouse for them as if you're sitting next to them. Used by companies who work with non-tech people in industries like education, finance, hospitality, health, legal, property, food, construction, shipping and more.


What benefits does Upscope Integration provide?

Make supporting your toughest non-tech user a breeze

Non-tech users are some of the hardest to support. They can take up an hour of time for a support request that normally takes minutes. See their screen and why they struggle to fill in forms, highlight what’s missing, click for them when they still don’t get it, scroll to the right part of the page if they’re not on it.

Helping is the new sales

Companies also use Upscope for key onboarding steps. Remotely take a customer through your entire web app, clicking through the key pages and educating them on the key features as they sit back and watch. This changes a user who might churn into a customer who stays.


Features of Upscope Integration

During a live chat, click once to see their screen

When the user begins a chat, you will have a ‘screen share’ link available right there within the LiveChat panel. Click it once to see the user moving around on your website.

Click, highlight, draw and scroll for them on their computer

You click once to see their screen and then click again to co-browse with them. You can highlight buttons on their screen, click for them, scroll for them and type for them as if you’re sitting right there holding the mouse. They can also take part, so you co-browse together.


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