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Webflow Integration

by LiveChat

Integrate LiveChat into a Webflow website to give immediate feedback to online visitors.


What is Webflow?

Webflow is a content management software (CMS). With this solution, you can create the content structure you need, add content by hand or via the API, then design it visually. Finally, a content management system that works for editors, designers, and developers. Webflow lets you create whatever content you need with custom fields. You don't need to lock yourself into inflexible templates, blog-centric content structures, or complex code languages. Just build the schema you need and bind it to any design you want. Your developer can work with Webflow’s CMS API to bring content in from external data sources, connect an existing CMS, or connect Webflow’s CMS with a mobile app.


What benefits does Webflow Integration provide?

Win customer's heart

There’s nothing easier than start chatting right from the website and your website visitors will appreciate it.

Provide a quick means of customer support

Customers want a fast response time to their queries and problems. With LiveChat, you can offer real-time help, ensuring more sales and customer satisfaction in the process.

Increase conversions on your website

All website visitors are essentially sales opportunities. Once installed, LiveChat makes it easy for you to communicate with browsing visitors, build better relationships, and close more deals.


Features of Webflow Integration

Reach out to your customers in real-time

Add LiveChat to Webflow and reach out to your customers in real-time! Help your existing customers and prospects, allowing you to provide them with instant answers to their questions!

Close more deals in the process

With that in mind, securing the increased sales rate is just a matter of time. With LiveChat you can not only talk with your customers but also use it to provide a more personalized – because everyone likes to be treated with a little bit of extra care.


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